Xiaomi could present a drone during the next conference?


A few days ago, managers Xiaomi they attended a meeting with the aim of defining the logistical details related to the next conference, which the rumors would like to be organized at the end of February.

In addition to choice of location, to the number of participants and other technical details, the times of the event were decided which, according to some information leaked on the net, should take place from 12.30 up to 16.00 now Chinese.

These are rather long timelines for the launch of a single product, so hypotheses and assumptions circulating on the web would like Xiaomi have plans to present more than the expected flagship My 5. The idea that the company intends to present a drone has begun to make its way through the public.

Xiaomi could present a drone?

Xiaomi 2

To confirm this hypothesis an interesting post published on the Chinese social network Weibo from one of the executives of Xiaomi. In fact, the published image shows a sort of cardboard drone with the company's symbol in evidence. The winking comment addressed to users who asked for more precise information regarding the photo was "Xiaomi towards the sky".

If so, certainly, it would not be particularly shocking news for the public that now follows Xiaomi for some time, since it is not the first time that the company shows its interest in other tech sectors outside of furniture.

However, it could be interpreted as yet another confirmation by the company of Lei Jun of wanting to extend its business and its popularity.