Umi Iron Pro vs Elephone M2 vs Bluboo Xtouch - Versus at the top of the 200 euro

umi iron pro vs elephone m2 vs bluboo xtouch

2015 left us a “legacy” of a very interesting mid-range of the Chinese mobile market, with competitive devices and above all able to guarantee a more than discreet hardware, with good performance and, in principle, no great compromise to accept. Today we will see the versus Umi Iron Pro vs Elephone M2 vs Bluboo Xtouch!

Umi Iron Pro, Elephone M2 e Bluboo Xtouch there are 3 of the devices that most represent the description provided, 3 smartphones that battle to try to excel in this segment, very crowded with products, but also very popular with users.

Will there be an absolute winner? Find out in the following versus!

Before continuing, you can take a look at the reviews of the 3 devices:

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Umi Iron Pro vs Elephone M2 vs Bluboo Xtouch, the comparison of

Umi Iron Pro vs Elephone M2 vs Bluboo Xtouch - Design

Similar and different at the same time. All 3 devices can boast an impeccable and meticulous construction and quality materials, with a very pleasing workmanship also to the eye.

Umi Iron Pro it is characterized by an aluminum back-cover, which alternates with the polycarbonate with a matte finish, used, in the upper and lower part, to favor the communication of the antennas.

Elephone M2 on the other hand, it boasts an entirely aluminum structure, which also surrounds the sides of the device, with glass inserts, also used here to improve the work of the connectivity compartment.

Bluboo Xtouchfinally, it is characterized by an aluminum frame and a back-cover made with 3D printing.

The overall dimensions are, of course, in favor of Bluboo Xtouch, which can count on height and width more content than Umi Iron Pro and Elephone M2, but is distinguished by the smaller thickness between the 3 devices. The ergonomics is therefore in favor of Bluboo Xtouch, but remains valid, thanks to the wraparound rear design, even on the Umi Iron Pro, despite its generous dimensions. Surely the most critical, from this point of view, is Elephone M2 with its sharp edges.

Umi Iron Pro vs Elephone M2 vs Bluboo Xtouch - Multimedia

Hardware always plays a fundamental role, but now great attention is paid to the software optimization of the camera. The photographic sensor of all 3 devices is the tried and tested Sony IMX 214 from 13 mega-pixel, but it arrives, via software interpolation, at different resolutions.

umi iron pro vs elephone m2 vs bluboo xtouch

These are three decent cameras that know how to defend themselves in almost all cases, but it emerges quite clearly that the Elephone M2 is the least performing among the ones in question.

Umi Iron Pro, with its 20,7 mega-pixels, dual Dual Tone Led Flash, stands out in optimal light conditions, still managing to defend itself even in precarious lighting conditions.

The sensor supplied with the Bluboo Xtouch, a 16 megapixel camera equipped with a double LED Flash, is perhaps the one that manages to return sharper shots, but going to "burn" the photos when the help of the flash is required, which is not in dual tone.

We conclude with Elephone M2, with its 13 mega-pixels and dual Flash Led Dual Tone, it is the one that is less performing among the 3 devices in question, failing to excel in various light conditions and sinning especially in macro photos.

Twin the video part. All 3 cameras record 1080p video in FULLHD at 30 FPS with sufficient audio capture.

The audio sector, however, diversifies the 3 devices. The audio quality perceived on Bluboo Xtouch is good and without worries. Umi Iron Pro defends itself very well, with a slightly higher volume, but with a speaker positioned in the rear and which, therefore, suffocates the audio when placed on a surface. Even in the audio sector Elephone M2 stands out in the negative for a slightly "suffocated" speaker in reproduction, with lower volume and quality than its competitors.

Umi Iron Pro vs Elephone M2 vs Bluboo Xtouch- Antutu Benchmark

Umi Iron Pro vs Elephone M2 vs Bluboo Xtouch - Conclusions

Which turns out to be better? There is no absolute winner, but perhaps it may be easier to identify the least performing device among the 3, which seems to be Elephone M2. Its "many small flaws" penalize it compared to the other two devices.

umi iron pro vs elephone m2 vs bluboo xtouch

Bluboo Xtouch and Umi Iron Pro play on equal terms, but some software and performance optimization problems tend to tip the scales in favor of the latter from the point of view of general reactivity.

That of "unexpressed potential", therefore, is the element in common to the 3 devices protagonists of this versus, 3 smartphones that we will continue to keep an eye on for any future updates, which, we hope, could improve the already good performances shown in the review.

The UMI Iron Pro is available for purchase on with a discount code GIZCHINA about 190 €, shipping from Italy and 24 months of Italian warranty;

the Elephone M2 is available for purchase with shipping from China on for the price of 167 €;

The Bluboo Xtouch is available for purchase with shipping from China on for the price of 185 €.