Tronsmart Titan: Desktop Charger available from 5 ports with QC 2.0

Tronsmart Titan

Tronsmart has recently released a new and interesting product, the Tronsmart Titan.

Currently, desktop chargers on the market support only one or at most two ports USB, compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0.

At the insistent request from the public, which required chargers with multiple fast charging ports, the engineers of Tronsmart, they responded with the innovative Tronsmart Titan.

The device is equipped with well 5 ports for a total of 90W, 18W for each door. Quick Charge 2.0 is a technology that allows smartphones and tablets equipped with processors Qualcomm Snapdragon, like the LG G4 or the HTC One M9 mentioned by the company, to support a faster recharge, even with a shorter lifespan 75%.

By now, it is very common to use devices that need frequent recharging, hence the need for a five-port charger conveniently placed on the Titan.

Tronsmart Titan: the Desktop Charger with 5 USB ports

In order to improve compatibility, Tronsmart he also added his unique technology to his device VoltIQ Teachnolpgy in each door, which automatically adjusts amperage and power to the maximum ratio required by the device, in order to optimize the recharge at best.

Tronsmart Titan it was also recommended by an important tech industry site, PC Advisor che has called it the 1 number of the table charger for the 2015 / 2016 period.

Tronsmart Titan is available on, at the discounted price of 29.99 €, compared to the list price of 60.63 €. For more information and terms of sale, we suggest you visit the dedicated Amazon page.

Furthermore, the device is also present on Geekbuying at the cost of dollars 37.99, equal to about 35 euro.