TLC: a production line of AMOLED 6G panels is coming soon


TPAChinese tech giant, has announced that it intends during this 2016 just started to start a panel production line AMOLED 6G.

This interesting commercial strategy, launched, to say the truth a little quietly, at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, will bring TCL to extend its turnover, producing AMOLED for new kinds of products, also including televisions, but only with fairly contained cuts.

TLC: a production line of AMOLED 6G panels is coming soon

TLC oled

In detail, China Star Optoelectronics Technology, the division specialized in the production of panels, will take care of the new line that will complement that of displays LCD. In practice, it is nothing but the Chinese equivalent of Samsung Display or LG Display for Korean companies.

The plant Shenzhen has been chosen for the realization of the products, which will have the characteristic of being of small and medium size, with a maximum diagonal of 42 inches.

However, the Korean giant LG, still seems to dominate in the sector from the technological and production point of view, just think of its line of panels OLED Ultra HD curved and flat with diagonals ranging from 55 "up to 77" (Full HD 55 "and Ultra HD 55", 65 "and 77" panels).

The new line of AMOLED 6G targati TPA therefore, it must fuel competition with the Korean LG.

Finally, a Chinese response to the undisputed leadership of LG.