As many of you are aware, the 22 January at HUB Rome the Italian session of theOPPO Meetup which on this occasion focused on the new device OPPO F1, of which we wish to propose again our hands-on.

Oppo F1 Meetup Rome

On the occasion of this special meeting in addition to the opportunity to try in preview l'OPPO F1, the company proposed focuses on the new device and on the techniques with which it was made and wanted to reward those who participated with nice gadgets by honoring three lucky ones with special prizes including a OPPO R7 Plus, of which we present our full reviewin limited edition Barcelona FC. interview with representatives of OPPO Meetup Rome

Taking advantage of this event we did not miss the opportunity to ask some questions to the representatives of the company present, which we want to report below:

Chalkwhy OPPO has decided to use a SoC as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 that belongs to the mid-range range not only in mid-range devices, but also in products considered "Top" such as OPPO R7 Plus choosing not to opt for a more performing solution?

OPPO: we have chosen to opt for a mid-range SoC, just like it Snapdragon 615 or its direct evolution, that is, the Snapdragon 616 adopted byOPPO F1, first of all for a factor linked to the cost / performance ratio, guaranteeing to have a more performing device while keeping the production cost lower than the Asian market, strategic for OPPO, it is very sensitive. To this must be added all the problems of the major smartphone manufacturers related to the high temperatures reached by Snapdragon 810.

Chalk: compared to the non-use of top-of-the-range SoC as it is Snapdragon 810How come you have not opted for a solution offered by Mediatek, given the excellent performances ofHelio X10?

OPPO: We have a very good relationship with Qualcomm in terms of support for drivers and for the release of sources, points where we find it more difficult with Mediatek.

Chalk: we have seen that in the past OPPO has always paid close attention to the audio sector of the devices produced, will this still follow or not?

OPPO: surely we keep the audio sector of our devices, above all because smartphones nowadays integrate more devices in one, nevertheless the sector to which in the future OPPO will continue to invest is that related to the camera, as the case ofOPPO F1 with its functions Beautify 3.0 and Pure Image 2.0.

Chalk: hypothesize in the near future to be able to present wearable devices, as are other Asian manufacturers doing?

OPPO: Our business is focused on the production of smartphones, currently there is no forecast in the possibility of producing and selling wearable devices, we remain focused on what we do well and on which we invest, that is smartphones with an incredible quality / price ratio.

Chalk: OPPO F1 represents a medium range device with a price in Europe which is positioned at 229 EURor, are you not afraid of competition offering an equal level of hardware specifications at more competitive prices?

OPPO: We are not afraid of all this especially because we are aware of offering a "premium" product at a truly competitive price, nor are we willing to market, as other companies do, devices at a price below their price real cost, shifting earnings on the sale of accessories and gadgets of various kinds.

Chalk: and now we would like to make you a little hot question, or what are your relations with OnePlus? "

OPPO: It is absolutely not a mystery the bond that exists between us and OnePlus. Both companies belong to the parent company BBK, also owner of the brand Vivo therefore we are part of the same group, but in any case each company follows its own strategies, policies and develops its products according to the target to which it is addressed.

We thanked the managers of the company for their courtesy in answering our questions and accepting our participation in the event which, we reiterate, was very interesting both for the opportunity to study more closely an important Asian company and in the specific case for having had a first contact with the new one OPPO F1.

We present again our hands-on video of theOPPO F1: