NO.1 G3: "clone" of Samsung Gear S2 to 45 euro

No.1 g3

The Asian company NO.1 is known on the web for both smartphones and for SmartWatch, usually proposed in a low cost band, suitable for those who are not really willing to spend hundreds of euros in these devices, but would still like to try the user experience.

Today we present the NO.1 G3, new model that takes inspiration from the well known design Samsung Gear S3; however, there is no circular ring introduced by the Samsung device.

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For the rest, we have specific medium-low end techniques, with processor MediaTek MT2502 Aster with ARMv7 architecture, while we have no specific news regarding the characteristics of the display and the interface.

No.1 g3

Here is the video of the NO.1 G3:

Analyzing the video in question, we can see the circular type display, presumably made with metal body, together with rubber strap anti-scratch, while on the back there is the heartbeat sensor, in addition to PIN connector to connect the appropriate battery charger; on the side we can see the various keys of use, including the ignition one.

As for the features, there are all the various features typical of these devices, that is measurement of heart beats, pedometer, burned calories, sleep monitor and so on.

No.1 g3

Il NO.1 G3 will arrive on the Asian market at a price of around dollars 50, or approximately 45 € at the current exchange rate, even if a marketing date has not been specified.

To remove any doubts regarding the similarity with the aforesaid Gear S2, there is also a comparative video: