MediaTek is preparing for the production of the future Soc with 5G technology

Mediatek unified device

We know technology more than good now 4G, arrived here in Italy at the turn of the 2010 and 2011, thanks to which we were able to reach browsing speed on our incredible devices, often superior to the physical connections present in our homes.

And even if, alas, this technology is not yet fully widespread in our territory, for some months we have already started talking about future 5G networks, the next step with which we will see a further increase in speeds, as, if a network 4G it can hypothetically arrive at a maximum speed of 1 Gbps, Thanks to 5G it will be possible to reach a peak of well 10 Gbps.

Mediatek 5g

As a result, the various companies are starting to move in this direction, and one of them is right MediaTek.

Already with the arrival of new ones Helio P10 e Helio X20, and the related modems LTE Cat. 6 da 300 / 50 Mbps we could see how the company is trying to catch up with a rival company like Qualcomm, which of the connectivity makes one of its main weapons: just see the next one Snapdragon 820, with modem on board LTE Cat. 12 da 600 / 150 Mbps.

In a recent interview, Xie Qingjiang, general manager of MediaTek, stated that the company has in store great plans for the future, being one of the first manufacturers to be working on 5G technologies: we remember, in fact, that in February 2014 MediaTek founded, together with the National University of Taiwan, the MEDIATEK-NTU Advanced Research Center, or a specific research center, so that get ready to 2018/2020, two years in which we should see the first consumer-level implementations of 5G networks; as we know, the first 5G tests, carried out by Huawei e DoCoMo, I am started during 2015.


If you would like to deepen the subject, we refer you to an article a few months ago, where we talked about all the projects related to MediaTek.