Flyme OS available for Meizu Pro 5 [Download]

Flyme os meizu pro 5

The development team of Meizu has recently released a new update for Flyme OS 5, to be precise the version Flyme OS, where G stands for Global.

In fact, as we have specified in an article a few days ago, the nomenclature of the firmware versions has been changed, e International has been replacedin fact from Global.

The above update is available for Meizu Pro 5: if you were among the owners of the aforementioned device and you were interested in updating it, Wed find the link for the manual download of the file, weighing approximately 775 MB, which will then be copied to the smartphone's memory and opened with the "Documents" app, in order to start the installation.

Meizu Pro 5

The aforementioned system update brings the new Flyme 5, and with it numerous innovations, both on a graphic level and on a feature level, here is the complete changelog of the update:

Click for the complete Changelog

[Home Screenshots]

  • Floating Notifications: Notifications can be viewed in floating mode without interrupting ongoing operations;
  • Multi-screen mode: Starting from the list of open apps you can use two apps simultaneously in multi-screen mode with adjustable size (only some apps are supported);
  • Icon layout: Icons can be selected and moved in batch mode (also in folders) by pressing and holding on a Home screen and selecting "arrange icons";
  • Shake to sort Home screens: Home icons can be sorted quickly by entering icons and shaking the phone.

[Lock screen]

  • Music in the lock screen: Cover and lyrics of the music can be shown directly on the lock screen;
  • Notifications shown on the lock screen: In Settings> Notifications & status bar, users can configure notifications and decide whether to show them on the lock screen, whether to show their content as well, and whether to have a new notification turn on the screen.

[Notification bar]

  • Optimized layout: The notification bar will show, in the absence of new notifications, all the quick toggles. In the presence of new modifications, only some toggles will be shown, but it will be possible to show them all by dragging them down;
  • Notification management: In Settings> Notifications and status bar you can manage notifications and priority;
  • Optimization: Updated the toggle GPS icon;
  • Optimization: Optimized brightness adjustment.


  • Floating Notifications: Incoming calls can be shown as floating notifications;
    Composition: With a side scroll you can switch from the screen to compose a number to the contact list;
  • Record list: In Phone> Settings users can view the recordings of phone calls;
  • Keypad change: In Phone> Settings, users can change the input method by switching from keypad with T9 to full keyboard;
  • Muting incoming calls: Incoming calls can be changed by pressing the volume key;
  • New feature: On the details page of a contact you can tap on the avatar to view it in full size;
  • New function: Added "Remove from blacklist" function;
  • Optimization: The playback of call recordings can be managed using the headset control keys. Double click the panel to listen to the next recording or click it three times for the previous one;
  • Optimization: Missed call notifications have top priority;
  • Optimization: Rejected calls and number of rings are shown in red.


  • GIF creation: The camera application now allows the creation of animated GIFs;
    Date printed: From the Camera settings it is now possible to activate the printing of the shooting date on the photos;
  • Flash: The last settings chosen for the flash will now be remembered by the Camera app;
  • Manual mode: Added options for saturation, contrast and white balance.


  • Home page: The Home page of the Browser has a new design;
  • The layout of the various boards has been optimized;
  • Added the toolbar (below) to facilitate navigation.


  • New design: The phone settings page has been completely redesigned and reorganized;
  • Volume Management: You can now adjust the three volumes separately from Settings> Sound & Vibrate> Volume;
  • Battery management: New interface with separate display of hardware and software consumption;
  • Default apps: Default apps can be managed from Settings> Apps> Default;
  • Battery management: Added detailed charts for monitoring energy consumption;
    Settings can be used in multi-screen mode;
  • Optimize some guest mode options;


  • New redesigned playback interface;
  • Added various optimizations to the Music application;


  • Photos can be added to favorites for quick viewing;
  • Added the ability to choose a cover photo for each album, holding on the cover for a few seconds;
  • Added the ability to filter small images to hide them from the gallery, which can be activated by the Gallery app settings;
  • Folders can be hidden from the gallery by simply pressing on them for a few seconds and then tapping the "Hide" button;
  • Through the gesture of "pinch to zoom" it is possible to switch from the weekly view to the monthly view of the photos;
  • The editing of the photos has been optimized and improved;
  • Optimized the function of setting a new background.


  • Added the new Toolbox application. More details are available Thu.

[Activity Management]

  • Added new tabbed design for open apps of the activity manager;
  • Added new button to close all open apps;
  • Each tab corresponding to an open app can be "locked" by pressing and holding on it, so as to remain open even when all the other apps are closed with the appropriate button.


  • Added graphic changes, news and optimizations to the following apps: Documents, Security, Painter, Calendar, Memo, Video, Clock, Calculator, SMS;
  • Added modifications and various optimizations to the system;
  • Added new animations and graphic effects in various parts of the system.

If you wish to install this update, we remind you that the procedure must be carried out with a residual charge of the device battery higher than 30%.
Selecting "Clear Data" (or "Delete User Data") will remove internal personal data, such as contacts and system mails. The interior space dedicated to photos, music, videos etc. it will not be affected by the procedure.
We recommend, however, a backup to safeguard the data of your device. staff will not be held responsible for any problems with your detectable terminals after the update procedure has been carried out.