CES 2016: Haier launches smartwatch for the elderly and children

Haier - Inspired Living

Heier, Chinese hi-tech company, announced, on the occasion of CES 2016, two wearable.

In particular, these are smartwatch, designed for specific users. In fact, the first is aimed at the target of children, while the second is dedicated to the elderly.
The main feature that distinguishes these two smartwatches from classic wearables dedicated to the general public is the fact that the devices Heier they act in practice as position markers.
In fact, smartwatches are both equipped with a module GPS integrated, so I can report the position of the device worn through the appropriate App installed on your smartphone.
The two devices are compatible with both iOS that with Android, with its simplicity of use, can be a very useful tool not only to parents, who will know, so, at any time, where their children are, but also to those who, for security reasons, want to be for example, help to elderly people or those who suffer from diseases could lose their orientation, thanks to the GPS, it will be simpler to come to their rescue.
In reality, the technical specifications of the registered smartwatches Haier they are still partially wrapped in mystery.
According to rumors, the displays of both devices should have a diagonal of 0.96 inches and be characterized by technology OLED.
Naturally, the design adapts to the public for which smartwatches are designed: a classic and elegant look for the mature, colorful and youthful target for children.

The cost of wearable for children should be around dollars 100, about a quarter 92 €while it is likely that dollars 230 (210 €) is the price for the smartwatch dedicated to adults.