Huawei Matebook: production start in April?

Huawei Matebook

It is already a few months that the rumor circulates on the web Huawei intend to enter the portable PC market, one of the few consumer electronics brands in which the company is not yet present.

And the news of the trademark registration occurred last October 2015 he did nothing but give rise to the arrival of the Huawei Matebook.

According to some rumors, the company would be about to start working on the aforementioned PC, whose production apparently 2016 will start in April, with a possible arrival on the shelves not before half of the 2016.

Strong of the success achieved globally during the 2015, Huawei in this way it would be in a certain way to clash with the Asian rival Xiaomi, who is also preparing the release of her first laptop, the Xiaomi Mi Laptop which, we recall, should be presented in 2 variants, both with metal shell e Intel chipset12.5 e 13.3 inches, with the biggest doubt regarding the operating system, which could be Linux or an operating system Android customized on the interface MIUI.

Xiaomi Mi laptop

What to expect from this Matebook? Probably it too will be built in metal, also due to the recent smartphone productions of Huawei, while we don't have much guidance regarding the hardware that might be present.

We just have to wait to get more information about it.

And what do you think? This will be able Huawei Matebook to compete with the proposals of rival companies?