Haier presents the new Coral water purifiers

Haier WaterBar

Talking about water purifiers it has almost become an everyday life. In the last decades, several manufacturers have introduced numerous domestic water treatment systems onto the market.

If in the West having such systems is more a lifestyle, an ecological choice rather than a need, in Asia having one of these appliances at home has become increasingly a necessity. The problem of water purification is one of those emergencies that affects China and many Asian countries that in this way pay the price of incessant economic growth at the expense of the quality of domestic water.

Recently Haier, a colossus of Chinese electronics, has established a deep and collaborative partnership with Diamond Refined, manufacturer of water purification systems; from this collaboration the range was born Coral e WaterBar.

The range Coral, with purifiers Coral e Coral mini, is characterized by a refined and refined design and an innovative cleaning system a three filters containing natural materials that guarantee the purification of 99,9% of the water introduced into the system thanks to the US NSF / ANSI 42 / 53 certifications.

Coral is characterized by a weight of 8.1kg (4.1 for the mini version) dimensions equal to 320mm x 223mm x 343mm (320mm x 132mm x 343mm for Coral mini) Capacity of 1.2L / min to 40 psi, Water Pressure 10 - 60 psi, Maximum temperature of system 40 - 100 F.

Water Bar it is, instead, an innovative and equally cared for in the water dispenser design that guarantees a constant inflow of hot water for domestic use managing to bring the water from room temperature to 100 ° C in 3 seconds. It is characterized by a loss of 5kg, dimensions 321mm x 143mm x 378mm, capacity of 1.2L / min to 40psi, Water Pressure Applicable 3 bar, Maximum system temperature 95 ° C.

Haier WaterBar

Coral e Coral mini are already available in China at the price of 3590 yuan500 € at the exchange for Coral Mini e 5380 yuan750 € at the exchange for Coral in the versions Gold e Platinum. Water bar is from poco in pre-order but we have no news on the price.