Apple Watch Clone 2: Goophone ready to launch?

Goophone watch

Goophone, the famous Chinese producer specialized above all in clones Apple, seems to be working on a new wearable, a "clone of Apple Watch 2" (quotation marks required as the original has not yet been marketed).

In fact, some images depicting a mysterious smartwatch have been circulating on the web, taking up the typical design of the house Apple.

Apple Watch Clone 2: Goophone ready to launch?

From what you can see from the photos, the wearable will boast a metal body, a rubber strap, as well as two physical buttons to manage the various options and settings.

The display has a circular shaped dial, but the most interesting element, even if not clearly shown, is the user interface, which appears to be very similar to that of theApple Watch.

Although some sources claim it is a device Goophone, in reality it is very likely that it is a simple "no-brand" smartwatch that will then be the object of, indeed, re-brand by various manufacturers.

From a quick analysis of the main online sellers, in fact, it was already possible to "find" this alleged clone of Apple Watch 2, available in pre-order at about 76 € on and called AiWatch C5.

However, Goophone already has clones inspired by the most famous products of the Cupertino company behind it, let's think abouti6S based oniPhone 6S or all 'i6 pro, inspired byiPhone 6, but also to devices of other famous tech companies such as the clone of Samsung Galaxy Round (G910).

It is very likely, therefore, that the company will also market this "premature" Apple Watch 2 clone, once again following in the footsteps of the tech giants, working on this new wearable, which, apparently, will probably be marketed before 'Watch Apple 2.

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