Xiaomi: Hugo Barra tells us about the company's future expansion plans

Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi it is one of the many positive examples of companies that have undergone a strong and rapid growth, thanks to the goodness of their work.

Founded in 2010, after only 4 years has come to be the largest producer of electronic devices nationwide, and on the world podium as the third power in the industry, immediately after giants such as Apple and Samsung, later rivaling with the "company" Huawei, which, unlike Xiaomi, operates globally.

And if you think that Xiaomi officially sells only in Asia (and a few months in Brazil), the result can only be stunning.

Hugo BarraNot only profit, but also vision projected to the future; a future that can only see the landing of Xiaomi finally in intercontinental lands. And this is certainly one of the reasons why the company, in the 2013, has "stolen" Hugo Barra to Google, assuming him as vice president for the international sector.

And just Hugo Barra has spoken, in one long interview recently released New York Times, regarding the future plans of the company regarding the expansion in other continents.

Xiaomi IndiaThe speech started with the analysis ofpositive trend of Xiaomi on the Indian market, With the sale of about 3 million devices and a growth of 45% from the 2014 to today, results that have allowed the company to open production plants in India, as well as in Brazil.

Africa smartphoneBarra then claimed that one of the most interesting markets that Xiaomi would be aiming for is that ofAfrica.

Strengthened by the fact of being able to offer quality technology at low cost, the company would be interested in offering the population the possibility to bypass communication problems linked to the fixed (non) telephony infrastructures present, as well as offer an increase in quality of life thanks to potential of the network, from a more professional / working point of view, or from a more "informal" point of view, thanks to the various social services now famous for everyone.

Subsequently, the problems present in Africa in this area were analyzed, especially the inadequacy of support and after-sales assistance, as well as the lack of knowledge of the subject for most of the population. Problems that, however, could be just the starting point for Xiaomi.

Instead, remaining on Asian soil, the company is willing to bet a lot in Indonesia, with the formation of a dedicated team for the development and management of the Indonesian market.

Xiaomi usesAnd what about the westerner markets? It would seem that the Xiaomi viewfinder is aimed at the United States, market in which the company is already partially present with the sale of accessories such as powerbank, headphones and the We Band.

The project would be to open an official channel for the marketing of their smartphones, though Bar has not entered the specific, without mentioning any models and / or dates, a sign that there is still work to do.

Virtual realityAnother theme treated was that of the virtual reality, having a Xiaomi very interested in the potential of this technology, while at the same time being aware of the state poco more than embryonic of the thing. As a result, there are no specific plans for this, although the company will continue to follow the topic anyway.

Unfortunately, no mention of the European market, never mentioned in the interview. If you were hoping for an arrival of the devices Xiaomi in our continent, know that we will have to wait a long time. For now, all that remains is to rely on the various online import stores.