Last-minute offers Amazon: here are some offers selected for you

Here are the Last-minute offers from Amazon, or promotions lasting only a few hours.

Below you will find a list, divided by categories, of some of the most interesting products on offer for the day today on the well-known online store. However, we remind you that the offers will expire at 23:45 pm tonight, so if you are interested you should hurry up.

To purchase the products listed below you can take advantage of the free 10 euro voucher offered by Amazon (promo valid up to today's 23.59). Here more details.



  • August MS515 Pair of Bluetooth Speaker: 35,96 €
  • Avantek Cube Bluetooth Speaker: 36,99 €
  • VTIN In-ear Bluetooth Earphones 4.1: 27,99 €
  • AudioMX In-ear Earphones Bluetooth: 19,99 €
  • Marsboy Bluetooth Headsets: 21,99 €
  • EasyAcc Olive Bluetooth Speaker: 20,79 €
  • Patuoxan Bluetooth Speaker for shower: 12,99 €
  • AudioMX Bluetooth Headset: 69,99 €
  • Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Audio Receiver: 10,49 €
  • D-Link DCH-M225 DLNA / Airplay music speaker: 40,44 €