Lenovo confirms that the Vibe brand will continue to be used

After the latest rumors, Lenovo confirms that it will continue to use both the Vibe brand and the Motorola subsidiary for the marketing of its smartphones

Lenovo logo

The rumors of recent weeks would suggest that Lenovo, in order to improve the commercial strategies related to the use of its brands, it would be thinking of abandoning its brand Vibe, allocating the marketing of smartphones only Motorola precisely because the latter is already controlled and owned directly by the Chinese producer. Realistically this choice would make sense to prevent it Lenovo can compete with another own brand.

However, the most recent rumors deem these rumors as baseless and false. A spokesperson for Lenovoin fact, the brand Vibe will remain an important brand in the cellular industry of Lenovo. On the contrary, there would be the objective of continuing to expand and grow marketing in selected markets all over the world to increase the value of this brand.

As we have already told you poco above, the rumors initially circulated seemed well founded in consideration of the fact that Motorola is a name and a brand that is well associated and associable in the collective imagination and therefore of consumers, when it comes to cellular devices. In any case, confirming that the brand Vibe will not be removed from the company, a cell phone was recently presented Lenovo called, in fact, Vibe X3. Unfortunately, the current news does not seem to confirm the presence of an international version of the device and therefore, for the moment, the device remains available only in China.

How do you judge the choice of Lenovo? Is it right, in your opinion, to leave the two brands on their feet?