Cubot: the company shows us how our devices are made


The Chinese manufacturer Cubot has recently published, through its own Youtube channel, for an video that surely will make the fans of the documentary series happy "How it's done", Since theset of production processes with which the metal bodies of Cubot smartphones.

CubotIt all starts in a chemical environment, where they are created plates in zinc and titanium alloy which is given a first modeling, then removing the excess material through intagliatura, thus creating the real shape.

CubotSubsequently these plates are placed in the basket of the machine for the annealing, chemical cooling process with which the metal alloy is strengthened.

CubotOnce the hardening has been carried out, the bodies are worked with some circular saws, carving notches on the edges that will then be filled, through injection moulding, with plastic material, so avoid the shielding of the antennas present in the smartphone.

CubotThen we move on to drilling to create allocations for locking screws.

CubotAnd here we are working through CNC machinery, with which the processing of the side frame, as well as the housing for antennas.

CubotFinally, we have the sandblasting, with which the shells for waste and scraps are cleaned, and the electroplating, chemical process for the plating, a process that is then continued manually by the workers, who carry out the anti-oxidant procedure.

CubotVarious smartphones are made with the production process Cubot, first of all X series, with the various X17, X16, X15, X12, X11, X10 e X9, In addition to Cubot H1 e S600.


We leave you with the video in question: