Elephone M2 Review: Class without Soul

Elephone M2

Proposing a thick device in the medium-low range of the market is not an easy task. To do this, Elephone has tried to reduce the development and design costs of a device "Borrowing" the lines of another well-known smartphone, but he did it using materials without doubt of merit.

Elephone M2, in fact, it is a candidate to be the top of the range of the new device line of the manufacturer which, while distinguishing itself for materials and elegance, highlights a design that is not exactly original. the M2, in fact, can be considered a clone of the best known Huawei P8.

The Elephone M2 is available on Myefox.it for the price of 169.99 € with shipping from China thanks to the voucher EFOXM2. You will find more information about the device on the Elephone official website.

Elephone M2 Review: Class without Soul

Elephone M2 - Technical Sheet

  • CPU MediaTek MT6753 octa-core Cortex-A53 64-bit from 1.3 GHz;
  • Mali T-720 MP3 GPU from 450 MHz;
  • 3GB of RAM memory;
  • 32GB internal memory;
  • display from 5.5 inch IPS FULL HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 401 PPI;
  • main camera from 13 mega-pixel Sony IMX214 and Flash Led;
  • 5 megapixel front camera;
  • 4G LTE, 802.11 WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Glonass;
  • dimensions of 155 x 77 x 7.35 mm;
  • Touch ID with unlock in 0.5 seconds;
  • weight of 161 grams;
  • battery from 2600 mAh;
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Elephone M2 - Package

The elegance passes through the black of the Elephone M2 package, even if the final result reveals a lack of attention from the manufacturer in the care of these aspects.

Inside the package we will find:

  • Elephone M2;
  • 2 protective films;
  • Battery charger aside with 1A output;
  • USB cable - micro USB;
  • Quick use manuals;
  • Clip for removing the micro SIM and micro SD compartment.

To leave disappointed, therefore, is not the content of the package, now standardized in devices from this price range, but the presentation of the package.

Elephone M2 - Design

So much waiting behind Elephone M2. The smartphone represents the top of the range of the manufacturer's new line which, as already anticipated, stands out from the manufacturer's previous models for the use of noble materials and for an elegant design. From the constructive point of view we are faced with an undoubtedly valid product, with the use of 85% aluminum on the entire body of the device.

elephone m2's photo

Aluminum is the common thread of Elephone M2, with the only exceptions of the glass on the front and in the inserts on the back of the device. The finish is slightly satin, which makes the handle of Elephone M2 even more pleasant to the touch.

On the central axis we find, aligned, the 13 mega-pixel camera, the Flash Led and the manufacturer's logo.

elephone m2's photo

From the design point of view, the front is very refined and elegant, with side edges with 2.5D curvature, which give that quid ad Elephone M2. Superior canons are the brightness and proximity sensors, together with the headset and the 5 mega-pixel front camera.

The display is a unit from 5.5 inch IPS FULLHD with a resolution of 1920 1080 pixels x. The Android buttons are located on the lower part of the frame and are not backlit, but the Silver coloring makes them visible even during the day. The middle button also hides the unlock sensor by fingerprint recognition.

The profile is slightly rounded and entirely in aluminum and this gives the device elegance and class. On the right side we find the slot for the SIM or micro SD.

elephone m2's photo

On the left side the rocker arm for volume adjustment and the lightly knurled power button.

Superiorly we find the 3.5 mm jack for inserting the headphones and the microphone for environmental noise reduction.

Below we find the port for the micro USB placed in the center between the system speaker and the secondary microphone, made with the same design. Strange the choice of position an additional microphone in the lower part right next to the micro USB port.

elephone m2's photo

Beautiful but without soul. Design is one of the most interesting aspects to evaluate when buying a new device, but Elephone M2 certainly can not be defined as original.

Ergonomics is decent. 161 grams per 7.35 millimeters thick they are acceptable, but the back ends with a clean cut from the aluminum frame, not making the handle of the device comfortable. However, the pleasantness of aluminum can overshadow this aspect.

Elephone M2 - Dispaly

Promoted the display. The unit adopted by Elephone M2 is an IPS panel from 5.5 inches with FULLHD resolution from 1920 1080 pixels x, with a pixel density per inch equal to PPI 401 while the NTSC contrast is 85%.

elephone m2's photo

All these data translate into a valid display, with a very natural color rendering and a brilliance above average.

The brightness sensor proves to be slightly lazy in its adjustments, but, fortunately, you can use the dedicated software bar to fine-tune the brightness.

Present, as on many other devices Powered by MediaTek, the Miravision menu, thanks to which it will be possible to make adjustments, such as, for example, those relating to contrast and / or color saturation.

Elephone M2 - Software

Out-of-the-box Elephone M2 comes with the most classic graphics with which Chinese manufacturers equip their devices. Obviously we are talking about the well-known Launcher3, of which we know very well the interface and the "behavior" in everyday use.

However, lovers of Ele UI will not be disappointed, an interface that we have seen in action for the first time on Elephone P8000. The manufacturer, in fact, makes the .apk available on its website for the installation of the launcher on the Elephone M2.

The Ele UI, as the oriental software philosophy almost dictates, is based on a multiple number of pages, in fact there is no app drawer, on which it will be possible to manage the positioning of the installed apps.

Also present on this Elephone M2 the Smart Gestures to awaken the device, even if for this operation you can rely on the Touch ID. The latter mon can certainly be defined as the fastest in the Android landscape, even if in general it proved to be very reliable.

elephone m2's photo

Very nice to be able to count on a set of themes, also downloadable online, to customize our device.

Elephone M2 - Benchmark

The budget of the Elephone M2 is from the mid range. The processor that moves the system is a MediaTek MT6753, a solution octa-core to 64-bit based on Cortex-A53 technology with a maximum frequency from 1.3 GHz on all eight cores.

The video card is one Mali T-720 MP3 to 450 MHz, assisted by 3 GB of RAM memory e 32 GB of internal memory.

Here are the results of the other Benchmarks performed on Elephone M2:

Elephone M2 - AnTuTu Benchmark

Elephone M2 - Multimedia

The Elephone M2 main camera is equipped with a sensor Sony CMOS IMX214 da 13 mega-pixels with Flash Led and image stabilization, not always present on devices in this price range.

elephone_m2_ (48)

The sensor, almost a year after its release on the market, is still able to give excellent performance. As often happens, however, manufacturers do not engage in the development of ad hoc software for their devices, relying on the most classic application and interface typical of many devices with a MediaTek heart.

However, if the results are convincing, the focus is not always optimal and instantaneous and, from time to time, it seems to throw a tantrum. The front camera is a 5 mega-pixel that behaves discreetly during the day, making good selfies, but which suffers too much from the lack of light.

The video recording reaches the resolution of 1080p in FULL HD to 30 FPS, with a good fluidity of image, but a capture of the audio is not quite satisfactory.

Elephone M2 - 1080p video recording test

The Gallery has the classic look of Android stock. Video playback is of a good standard and is able to "digest" videos in .MP4 without problems, with some problems with the .MKV format that cannot reproduce audio.

elephone m2's photo

Even the music player relies on the classic stock Android software. The audio reproduction quality is good, I would say above average. The low tones can be perceived, but there may be some criticality with the highs. Better playback in headphones, even without the need to use high-level headphones.

Elephone M2 - Internet Browser

The Android web browser, now known, does not excel in speed and performance. This is not denied on Elephone M2. Internet browsing is discreet, but not excellent. Easy to find Refresh and small bugs on content-rich websites.

elephone m2's photo

As usual, it is advisable to download Chrome from the Play Store, a browser that, even on this Elephone M2, allows you to push your foot on the accelerator a little more.

Elephone M2 - Connectivity

With regard to the connectivity sector on the Elephone M2 we find a Wi-Fi that is based on the more classic 802.11 b / g / n standard relying on the 2.4 GHz band.

Bluetooth comes in version 4.0 LE - Low Energy - and GPS is supported by Glonass technology, on average faster than its competitors. LTE in category 4 on both SIMs (both micro SIMs) and also equipped with the 800 MHz band. In order not to miss anything Elephone M2 is also provided with HotKnot (NFC by MediaTek).

Elephone M2 - Autonomy

Although the numbers are not on his side, the autonomy of Elephone M2 is average. The device, in fact, while not registering record numbers, still allows us to reach the end of the day of intense use.

elephone m2's photo

The 2600 mah battery with a less intense use allow us to get to touch the 3 Hours and 30 Minute Screen On, always ending the day of use.

Also present the classic software of Energy Saving Management of Android Lollipop.

Our test includes:

  • 2 Gmail account in push;
  • 1 Facebook account that synchronizes every 30 minutes;
  • 1 Twitter account that synchronizes every 30 minutes;
  • Intensive use of WhatsApp;
  • about 40 minutes of calls;
  • about 60 minutes of web browsing;
  • about 15 minutes of leisure with games;
  • Xiaomi Mi Band connected.

Nothing to report for the Business segment, with a calendar with "old style" graphics and a completely absent Office Management software. As always, the advice is to contact the Play Store so that you can easily and effectively compensate for software failures.

Elephone M2 - Conclusions

Aesthetics, design and materials can play an important role in choosing a device. Elephone M2 was conceived for all these users. However, originality is overshadowed and in some ways it can be said that the M2 is a phone without a soul, without its own identity.

elephone m2's photo

Under the body, however, there is a hardware that is now tested and which, with a pinch of optimization, also manages to return very interesting results. To improve the multimedia sector, which, while relying on valid hardware, flaws on the software side.

It trusts in the optimization of the manufacturer and, therefore, in the release of FIX, but also in the now well-known support for numerous other third-party ROMs.

The Elephone M2 is available on Myefox.it for the price of 169.99 € with shipping from China thanks to the voucher EFOXM2. You will find more information about the device on the Elephone official website.