UMI Fair, the review of

UMI Fair

The mid-range of the smartphone market is increasingly crowded and characterized by very interesting devices. Among these we also find theUMI Fair, the subject of our current review.

UMI Fair can be purchased on with shipping from Italy, 24 months warranty and Italian assistance and at a discounted price thanks to our voucher GIZCHINA.

UMI Fair, the complete review of

UMI Fair - Sales package


UMI Fair comes with a very spartan packaging in a simple cartonboard and very very fragile. Inside we can find:

  • UMI Fair;
  • USB charger with European socket and 1A output;
  • USB cable - micro USB.

UMI Fair - Design and materials


Made of opaque plastic and steel (in the shell), UMI Fair has a size equal to 143.5 72 x x 8.4mm for about 120 grams of weight. The device, thanks to its low weight and back cover with matte finish, can be held well in the hand and guarantees a solid poco slippery.

The finish of the back cover, Which is also removable, even if beautiful to look at and pleasant to the touch, in use it always tends to excessively retain fingerprints.

Next, instead, the disposition of the buttons and inputs on board the UMI Fair.


Starting from the upper side, we find the only 3.5mm jack for headphones.


The lower side shows, starting from the left, with the main microphone and the micro USB connector for charging and connecting to the computer.


The left profile of the smartphone is completely clean.


The right-hand one, on the other hand, presents the rocker arm for volume adjustment, along with the power button, lock and switch-off.

UMI Fair - Display


UMI Fair comes with a display from 5 inch HD 1280 x 720 pixels, on a matrix panel IPS. The quality of the reproduced images is sufficient, the panel shows realistic colors, which however turn slightly when the view is angulated.

Il sensor for the automatic brightness adjustment it is instead slightly lazy.

UMI Fair - Internal memory

One of the biggest flaws of this device is internal storage; in fact, on the UMI Fair we have 8GB of internal memory, which, excluding the system partition and useful memory to the default apps, become about 4.5GB available user.

However, and fortunately, on the device we find the possibility of expanding the memory via Micro SD cards up to a maximum of 64GB.

UMI Fair - Hardware and performance

UMI Fair, placing itself in the medium-low range of the market, comes with an entry-level processor; we are speaking, in fact, of the MediaTek MT6735, a Quad-Core CPU from 1GHz, which on the Fair is flanked by 1GB RAM memory and a GPU Mali-T720 MP2 to 450MHz.

The performances that UMi Fair offers are on the whole sufficient inside, even if they leave something to be desired in sectors such as gaming.

In fact, if, on the one hand, the browser manages to snatch a few points in the overall performance evaluation, on the other hand with UMI Fair gaming it just can't get away with it; really insufficient the result obtained with Asphalt 8, which loses many frames and shows very serious blocks of a few seconds.

Needless to say then that the videos in 2K and 4K are not supported, unlike the FullHD in MKV and MP4 that are played without problems.

Following, however, the results obtained in the benchmarks by the UMI Fair.

UMI Fair - Antutu Benchmark

UMI Fair - Audio


L'speaker the UMI Fair is equipped with is located in the back, more precisely in the lower left corner of the back cover; the positioning is certainly not among the best, as is the overall judgment on audio reproduction.

Il sound, in fact, it turns out to be slightly muffled and moreover the lower frequencies tend to cover the higher ones, which go into the background.

UMI Fair - Connectivity

From the point of view of connectivity on the UMI Fair we find a double SIM slot, both in micro format and both equipped with compatibility to LTE networks (including the 20 - 800MHz band).

La reception è average, exchanges between 3G and 4G are not very fast, in which it is possible to remain "discovered" for a few seconds. On the other hand, the operation of the two SIMs is good, which is managed as on all other devices with Mediatek SoC.

The device connectivity compartment is completed by the 802.11 Wi-Fi b / g / n (not always stable in reception), Bluetooth 4.0 e GPS with A-GPS, the latter perfectly working.

UMI Fair - Camera


As for the camera of theUMI Fair, the results obtained are only equal to a skimpy sufficiency, but if we consider other small things, such as the long time it takes to get a shot, then we also drop below “6”.

The focus of the back chamber from 13 mega-pixels (equipped with Sony IMX164 sensor and F / 2.2 aperture), in fact, it is very slow, both at night and in daytime. Below you will find some test shots taken with both the main cam and the camera front from 2 mega-pixel.

UMI Fair - HD 720p video recording test

UMI Fair - Software

As for the software version supplied to UMI Fair, on the device we find the 5.1 Lollipop with the stock interface of Android, except for the launcher which presents itself with renewed icons and clear inspiration for the CyanogenMOD 12.1, then in full style material.

No other features have been added to the software than the classic ones we are used to seeing; in the security sector, the unlock is present through the recognition of fingerprints (given the presence of the appropriate reader under the camera), but the implementation is very bad and the results are accurate, practically, once in ten.

UMI Fair - Autonomy

I am alone 2000 i mAh available to the UMI Fair and, in daily use, will hardly accompany you at the end of the day, regardless of the type of use of the smartphone.

From the morning at about 8, we arrived at the 17 always under Wi-Fi with less than 2 hours of active screen, using only Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger for some text messages, while the rest of the time was spent in deep sleep with the smartphone which, as evidenced by the graph above, continued to absorb resources.

UMI Fair - Photo gallery

UMI Fair - Final considerations

In the price range in which the UMI Fair is proposed, there are no other valid alternatives and for this reason, and in the light of what was stated in the review, it is difficult to recommend the purchase.

For the moment UMI Fair is presented as a "question mark" product, because, on paper, it is a device that could be interesting, but that probably still needs some software optimizations.

At present, the medium / medium-low range of the market is dominated by the giants Meizu and Xiaomi, respectively with the Redmi Note 2 el 'M2/M2 Notes, devices currently hard to match in quality and performance.

UMI Fair can be purchased on with shipping from Italy, 24 months warranty and Italian assistance and at a discounted price thanks to our voucher GIZCHINA.