Oukitel K10000: cook the noodles through the reverse charge


The Chinese manufacturer Oukitel is, obviously, trying to differentiate itself from the competition, creating devices with special features like the K4000 and K6000, both equipped with very large batteries.

With the next device that is about to present, namely theOukitel K10000, the company wants to further raise the mAh bar and in fact the smartphone will feature a good battery 10000 mAh.

Dell 'Oukitel K10000 some had emerged images already in the month of July and now the company has basically confirmed its design in a video. In the video released by the manufacturer it is possible to observe, in addition to the real design of the device, also the reverse charge function, also present on the aforementioned Oukitel K6000.

In the video at the end of the article we will see different Oukitel K10000, which, connected to an electric cooker, provide it with the necessary energy to complete the cooking of noodles.

The company has said that the smartphone will be available for purchase internationally, which means that it will probably be sold through a series of Chinese dealers, as on the other hand already happens for other products sold. THE'Oukitel K10000 it should be announced at the end of this year or early next year.

For the moment Oukitel has not confirmed any specific apart from the battery size, although, however, already a July were leaked of the specifications that placed him in the mid-range category; however, we expect to have some confirmation on this in the coming weeks.

Unveiled the design, we are now waiting to know the dimensions of this device, hoping that, given the huge battery, it does not turn out to be too thick. As soon as we have more information we will not be long in communicating it to you.