No.1 ready to launch its first Android Wear smartwatch

smartwatch no.1 3

The wearable sector is perhaps the most growing in recent months and all Chinese manufacturers, both the best known and the emerging ones, try to offer a product that stands out for certain characteristics or peculiarities.

One of the companies that in recent times is churning out many wearables is definitely NO.1in one of ours thorough reviewin fact we told you about the NO.1 S3, which among the various features also has a slot for the SIMs..

Today, come on Facebook, some images of a brand new wearable have appeared NO.1, of which, unfortunately, neither the name nor the specifications are known.

As can be seen from the images, the new device seems to be equipped with the operating system A, which allows a truly smart use of your associated device thanks to the wide potential offered by Google.

As for the dimensions, according to the images we can hypothesize that they are similar to those of the NO.1 S3, which is equipped with a display from 1.22 inches circular and a generous thickness of 13 mm.

As for the specifications, however, the new wearable could be equipped with accommodation for one SIMs. (probably of the micro type), which should make it possible to make calls directly from your wrist This last hypothesis would seem to be at the moment poco credible as they have not yet been released on the smartwatch market A characterized by this functionality.

But this new smartwatch will succeed in differentiating itself from everyone else and above all from NO.1 S3?