Huawei Mate 8: new real images of the device!


On November 26, in Shanghai, Huawei will hold its long-awaited conference in which it will reveal to the world its new top of the range, or the long-awaitedHuawei Mate 8, device that, among other things, will be equipped with the equally awaited processor Kirin HiSilicon 950.

In a previous article we talked about the possible prices set for two variants of the device, respectively 3299 Yuan, approximately 471 € at current exchange rates, for the 32 GB variant and 3899 Yuan, approximately 572 € at the current exchange rate, for the 128GB one.

In the last hours, however, new ones have been published on the Web real pictures depicting once again the Mate 8, thanks to which this time we can admire the device from every angle.

However, the device appears to be "hidden" by a sort of protective cover, a mockup that does not reveal the real design of the smartphone. However, what is still possible to guess / observe is the generous size of the display and the presence of a fingerprint reader placed on the rear body (made of metal).

The user who posted the photos, in fact, confirmed that the screen of Huawei Mate 8 it will be of the same diagonal as that of the Mate 7 (therefore from 6 inches) and will be equipped with one 1080p resolution. What will change, according to the leaker, will be the price, "definitely higher than the predicted 3299 Yuan".