Elephone Trunk, the review of GizChina.it

Elephone Trunk

Over the last few months, Elephone has certainly amazed by its ability to launch products "on repeat" and to accompany them with a lot of hype, but it has done a little less in terms of construction and / or general reliability of the same.

Today we talk about Elephone Trunk, a device that fits into the medium-low range and whose performance and data sheet promise very well. Will Elephone be able to convince 100% this time? Find out in the review below!

Elephone-Trunk-6Elephone Trunk It is available for purchase only 92 € on Tinydeal.com.

Elephone Trunk, the full review of GizChina.it

Elephone Trunk - Sales Pack


In sales package dell'Elephone Trunk we find:

  • Elephone Trunk:
  • USB charger with European socket and 1A output;
  • USB-micro USB cable;
  • instruction and warranty manuals in English;
  • protective plastic film for the screen.

Elephone Trunk - Design and materials


As soon as you grab the Elephone Trunk, the device, contrary to expectations, will not give the idea of ​​a "cheap" product, but will offer you the feeling of a good construction and assembly.

The dimensions are equal to 142 x 71 x 9.3 mm per 140 grams of weight, and the diagonal of the screen is alone 5 inches, so a device that can be easily handled and used comfortably even with just one hand.

The back of the cover is made of polycarbonate painted in fashion opaque, so as to make the device more elegant and to guarantee a better grip when grasping it. In addition, the paint is well treated and no fingerprints are retained during use.

Next, instead, you find the layout of the buttons and inputs on board of Elephone Trunk.


On the top of the smartphone we find, starting from the left, the 3.5mm jack for headphones and the Micro USB connector to recharge the battery.


At the bottom, then, you will find the main system microphone. On the back cover, moreover, you can see the system speaker.


The left profile of the smartphone is completely free of buttons and / or inputs.


The right profile, on the other hand, has the rocker arm for volume adjustment and the power button, lock and switch off first.


In the front, upper part, there is the headset capsule, in the middle, while on the right there is the 2 mega-pixel front camera and on the left the sensor for the automatic brightness and proximity control.


At the top of the back cover, however, there is the main camera 13 mega-pixel accompanied by the single LED flash.

Elephone Trunk - Display


The display supplied with the Elephone Trunk is a good unit from 5 inches, with HD resolution 1280 720 pixels x and a panel of type IPS LCD.

Leaving aside the technical data, we can say that we are facing a good unity; the colors reproduced are good, the calibration of the various shades is excellent and the viewing angle is more than satisfactory.

The maximum brightness is also good and the sensor for automatic adjustment works well overall. The only flaw of the display is that of holding the fingerprints excessively during use, which is an insufficient oleophobic treatment index.

Elephone Trunk - Internal memory

The Elephone Trunk is equipped with 16GB of internal memory, but, excluding the system partition, we find around 11,77GB, usable as usual to install application and store data.

The slot is also present Micro SD which allows us to expand internal memory up to 32GB.

Elephone Trunk - Hardware and performance

Elephone Trunk is part of the entry-level sector with a good quality / price ratio.

Its datasheet includes one Snapdragon 410 Quad-Core, 2GB RAM memory and an Adreno 306 GPU. The smartphone, on the whole, does not struggle and manages to perform in a more than satisfactory way all the basic operations in daily use.

As usual we have submitted it to the various gaming test and web browsing, which have been overcome in a more than good way; However, the WEB sector is certainly more performing if entrusted to Google Chrome as a replacement for the device's stock browser.

In addition, the supplied hardware makes it possible to reproduce the FullHD video samples flawlessly in both .mp4 and .mkv, while the 4Ks are not supported (the device plays only the audio, but not the video).

Next, instead, find the results obtained in the benchmarking from the Elephone Trunk.

Elephone Trunk - Antutu Benchmark

Elephone Trunk - Audio


The speaker of which Elephone Trunk is equipped is only average; the volume of reproduction is not very high and the sound quality is only more than enough.

If you keep your smartphone in your pocket, the notification sound will still be audible without problems, so the risk of losing calls / SMS, etc. is avoided.

Elephone Trunk - Connectivity

As far as the connectivity sector is concerned, we can say that Elephone Trunk it is equipped with a double SIM slot, both in Micro format.

Furthermore, the new home device Elephone supports 4G LTE networks, including band 20 (800Mhz), often absent on Chinese smartphones. However, the reception and the quality of the signal are not among the best detected to date and in fact the Trunk has sometimes shown complete signal losses in areas poco blankets.

The part related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, however, does not create any kind of problem.

Elephone Trunk - Camera

To be a device whose price is around the 90 euros, from a photographic point of view it is possible to promote the Elephone Trunk "in half". Why "in the middle"?

The shots with the rear camera are more than satisfactory in almost any light condition and the sensor from 13 mega-pixels he does his job well.

The weak point is represented by the anterior chamber; the device, in fact, has a secondary camera alone 2 mega-pixels and the quality of the shots is really very low and the same test shot that you find in the following gallery testifies to it.

Elephone Trunk - FullHD video recording test 1080p

Elephone Trunk - Software

Even on this Trunk at the software level Elephone has not implemented major customizations; first we have the version of Android Lollipop 5.1.1 with a practically stock Google interface, with some changes exclusively in the launcher which comes without App Drawer and with redesigned icons.

In terms of performance, the overall software runs well and there are no bugs or parts of the system that are not translated.

Elephone Trunk - Autonomy

Although the platform Snapdragon 410 is already well optimized and tested in consumption, on this Elephone Trunk does not satisfy as it should. In the worst case scenario, you arrive at 19 starting at approximately 8 in the morning three hours of active screen.

It must be said, however, that the system itself consumes enough and is perhaps one of the biggest flaws of the device; the battery, however, is only from 2100 mAh, so a better result would have been a surprise.

Elephone Trunk - Photo Gallery

Elephone Trunk - Final considerations

Elephone Trunk as anti Xiaomi Redmire 2? It could be, why not, but it sins slightly inside the operating system and the comparison does not hold up with the MIUI 7.

In any case, Elephone Trunk is a good compromise for the price at which it is sold and is undoubtedly suitable for a range of users. poco demanding or, in any case, that does not require the latest generation and super-performing hardware.

Elephone Trunk It is available for purchase only 92 € on Tinydeal.com.