ELE Cigar, new "accessory" by Elephone

Ele cigar

The more time passes, the more we get used to seeing more and more varied gadgets and electronic accessories appear. We have seen companies such as Xiaomi present, together with smartphones, accessories such as scales, electric scooters and water filters.

What we are talking about today is certainly an "controversial" accessory for some aspects: we are talking about ELE Cigar, The first Elephone electronic cigarette, a company well known for the production of smartphones.

Ele cigar

As for the technical characteristics, this time we have neither processors nor cameras, but:

  • aluminum / zinc alloy body and leather;
  • dimensions 88 x 40.5 x 25 mm;
  • LCD display for displaying various values;
  • 0.05 Ω coil head electrical resistance;
  • output power range of 5-70W;
  • short circuit protection;
  • possibility to control the intensity of the smoke;
  • battery from 40A;
  • charging via microUSB.

If you are a smoker and would like to try this electronic cigarette, ELE Cigar is available for sale a this link on the official Elephone store at a price of 35,99 dollars, or about 33,56 euro with free shipping all over the world, and is available in 2 colors: black or brown.
Optionally there is the possibility to buy special covers to add other colors, or red, pink or white, even if at the moment there is no this option on the site.