OnePlus X Internazionale, the review of

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If when we talk about artisanal construction we immediately think of "Made in Italy", in the technological field, even if "with the usual pliers", we could refer to the OnePlus X. Compact, glass and aluminum as materials, and a concentrate of hardware just right let us regret a CPU at 64-bit.

Onyx and a limited edition in Ceramic, these are the versions available in Europe, in the Black color only. OnePlus X is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and, after having proposed it the proof of the Chinese variant (White), today we will see the review of the official version of the device.

OnePlus X - Technical Data Sheet

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM 8974AB 32 quad-core bit CPU from 2.3 GHz;
  • GPU Adreno 330;
  • 3GB of RAM memory,
  • 16GB of internal memory, expandable via micro - SD up to 128 GB;
  • Display from 5 inch OLED FULL HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 441 ppi;
  • Main camera from 13 megapixel ISOCELL with OIS and Flash LED;
  • Omnivision 8 megapixel front camera;
  • Dual Nano SIM support; 4G LTE;
  • Dimensions of 140 x 69 x 6,9 millimeters;
  • Weight of 138 grams;
  • 802.11 WiFi b / g / n - Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Glonass,
  • Battery from 2525 mah;
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with Oxygen OS 2.1.2.

OnePlus X - Package

Elegance also passes through the Package. The side part takes up the theme of the aluminum frame of the smartphone, making one between the package and OnePlus X. White color on the sides, while a bright red, typical of the manufacturer, for the bottom.

The content includes:

  • OnePlus X;
  • Matte TPU cover;
  • Battery charger aside with 2A output;
  • Flat USB cable - micro - USB;
  • Quick use manuals,
  • Staple for the SIM compartment.

Presentation in the classic style of OnePlus, but inside it is also pleasant to find a cover for the device, in order to avoid additional costs, but also useful to protect it from accidental falls. It should also be said that not using OnePlus X "naked and raw" as "mom did it" is a real crime. The experience offered by the precious materials used, in fact, is very pleasant.

OnePlus X - Design

A smartphone voted to "fashion victims" or, better to say, "design victims". The experience of using OnePlus X passes, first of all, from the design and materials, the manufacturer's strong point in this price range. The design is fantastic. The continuity of the lines is guaranteed by the glass, front and back, with curvature that embraces the sides, to give way to the aluminum frame.

On the front we find the display from 5 inches AMOLED FULLHD that overhangs the keys, not backlit, of device management. Present the front camera from 8 mega-pixel along with the sensor of brightness, proximity and always welcome notification LED, set next to the headset.

The profile of the smartphone is a pleasure to the eye, but also to the touch. The diamond-cut processing gives a touch of class and style, while the knurling that runs along the entire frame is what will make us appreciate the cold and noble aluminum, but at the same time guarantees a better grip.

On the left side we find almost "everything": volume rocker, power button and SIM cart.

The left profile, on the other hand, sees the presence of the useful and convenient notification mode selector, with a switch between normal, priority and do not disturb.

The micro USB port plug is located at the bottom, located in the middle between the speaker and the main microphone. Great attention to detail is also noted for the processing of the holes in the speaker and the main microphone.

Superiorly there is only the housing for the 3.5 mm jack, accompanied by the microphone for environmental noise reduction.

Glass Gorilla Glass 3 to protect the body of the device also on the back and once again softly blunt on the sides. Here is the main room from 13 mega-pixel with LED flash. The only discordant note, just in terms of style, concerns the position of the camera, which is easily covered by the fingers when we hold the device. It would have been more convenient and appreciated a position on the central axis where the manufacturer's logo is located.

OnePlus X is also a nice smartphone to use with one hand. The company has made a work of "labor lime" with a thickness of just 6,9 millimeters and a weight of 138 grams, which make the smartphone thin, but solid. In short, it is compact at the right point.

OnePlus X - Display

Those who love saturated and contrasted colors will fall in love with the panel mounted on OnePlus X. It is a 5 inches AMOLED with resolution FULLHD of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a density of 441PPI and 95% NTSC of oneplus x

The brightness sensor works very well, which, thanks to the dedicated software bar, allows you to fine-tune the automatic mode as well.

The settings menu has no entries that allow you to calibrate the contrast and color saturation, but can take advantage of the excellent Ambient Display and activation by detection of the proximity sensor.

OnePlus X - Software

The software is based on the operating system called Oxygen OS developed on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Therefore, compared to the first model of the manufacturer, we lose the CyanogenMod, famous ROM known for its high customization. OnePlus, however, has reached a reasonable level of stability and the possibility of changes to the software.

photos of oneplus x

The Home is based on the most classic Launcher3, a solution that we can find on most of the smartphones of Chinese manufacturers, which however comes with a graphic design very similar to the Material Design of Android 5 Lollipop and which allows you to use Icon Pack from the Play Store and change the Home grid.

Another personalization introduced is Shelf, a sort of personal assistant, accessible from the home, which allows access to the most used applications and contacts, also informing us quickly about the weather in the city set.

It is possible to customize, in number and order, the Quick Settings of the notification curtain. It is possible to activate or not the keys on the screen, avoiding to use the almost impossible to see keys on the body. The phone theme can also be set, but switching to the stock Android one is almost a crime given the OnePlus X's AMOLED display with very deep blacks.

Finally, we also report the presence of the double tap to awaken the device, also accompanied by Ambient Dislay and reactivation by proximity sensor. All this helps to have all the notifications at a glance and awaken the device in the shortest possible time, without sacrificing, in an excessive way, the battery.

OnePlus X - Benchmark

The CPU that drives OnePlus X is the good old man Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AB, a solution quad-core from 2.3 GHz developed on technology, owner of Qualcomm, Krait 400 to 32-bit. The video card is a Adreno 330 coupled with 3GB RAM memory e 16GB of internal memory, expandable up to further 128GB with micro SD.

OnePlus X - Antutu Benchmark

Here are the results of the other Benchmarks performed on the device:

OnePlus X - Multimedia

The OnePlus X main camera features a sensor with technology ISOCELL from 13 mega-pixel with opening F / 2.0, LED flash and focus times in just 0.2 seconds. The sensor, contrary to what one might expect, does not always behave excellently. Good, if not very good, in favorable light conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

photos of oneplus x

At night, or in low light conditions, the room is subdued and the implementation of ISOCELL technology, which should guarantee much brighter and less noisy photos in critical conditions, is worthless.

photos of oneplus x

There is a lack of a Dual Tone flash, which gives a more homogeneous and natural lighting to the shots.

The front camera is a 8 mega-pixels realized by Omnivision which proves more than adequate for selfies, although perhaps there is too much software optimization work.

The software interface is neat in look and no frills, even if poco intuitive and comfortable switching from one mode to another. The settings are not very numerous and in fact only allow you to adjust the size of the videos or images and the activation of HDR.

The video part remains on high levels, with the recording reaching the resolution of FULLHD 1080p in 30 FPS, with a fluidity of image and a very faithful audio capture.

OnePlus X - 1080p video recording test

The Gallery is based on Google Photos, which we certainly do not have to show due to its presence in the Play Store for a long time.

photos of oneplus x

The Audio Player relies on Google Play Music, not known for its high customization rate. The reproduction from the system speaker is valid, both in terms of power and audio quality, with a good perception of low tones. In some cases, if we turn the volume to the maximum, the high tones will crackle. This event, fortunately, did not occur with every listening. Enhance playback from headphones.

OnePlus X - Internet Browser

Fortunately, OnePlus X relies on Google Chrome for internet browsing. Good fluidity on Web pages rich in data, even if not exactly accurate during the pinch out phase.

photos of oneplus x

No management problems in multiple tabs, no delays on general navigation detected. From this point of view, the supplied 3GB of RAM memory plays a fundamental role.

OnePlus X - Connectivity

The connectivity sector on OnePlus X is valid and curated. The European version obviously sees the adoption of the Oxygen OS ROM natively installed - in place of Hydrogen OS, dedicated to the Chinese market - and in support of the 800 MHz for connectivity.

Wi-Fi is b / g / n type with support for the 2.4 GHz band only. Bluetooth comes in version 4.0 LE - Low Energy - and GPS is supported by Glonass technology. LTE present in category 4 on both SIMs, thus allowing the switch of connectivity even when hot. Absent the NFC, but in Italy it is still poco widespread and, therefore, for the moment it will not be missed.

OnePlus X - Autonomy and Office Part

2525 mah. The approach to autonomy discourse, reading the technical sheet, we had imagined unsatisfactory. On the other hand, the Amoled Display combination, which turns off the pixels on black screens, the software with the black theme and the choice of the processor allow you to reach the end of the evening without the worry of running out of energy.

photos of oneplus x

About 3 hours, or poco plus, the screen on are quietly guaranteed in the stressful day. With a softer use, however, you can get an even more interesting result. Our stress test includes:

  • 2 Gmail account in push;
  • 1 Facebook account that synchronizes every 30 minutes;
  • 1 Twitter account that synchronizes every 30 minutes;
  • Intensive use of WhatsApp;
  • About 40 minutes of calls;
  • About 60 minutes of web browsing;
  • About 15 minutes of leisure with games;
  • Mi - Band connected in Bluetooth;
  • Watch connected in Bluetooth.

Present the Calendar, in stock edition of Lollipop, and a good File Manager. An application for managing Office files is missing. In this case, the Play Store helps us provide interesting solutions, even for free.

OnePlus X - Conclusions

OnePlus X is the demonstration of how you can get a device with a refined design, from noble materials, in a compact body, with good performance, but without spending mind-boggling figures. The device rightfully earns a place in the heart, and in the pockets, of those who love smartphones that stand out from the point of view of design and compact dimensions, and who, wisely, emphasize software optimization rather than equipment. hardware.

photos of oneplus x

The 269 euros, for the Onyx version, required for the purchase of the device are more than acceptable. If you can find an invitation and add another 20 euros or so for shipping, then the purchase is more than recommended. If, on the other hand, you are among those who make patience one of their virtues, then you could decide to wait until December, when the purchase will instead be free.

More information on the international version on Official site of the manufacturer. For the Chinese variant you can instead buy the OnePlus X for only 237 € on (only on the version with 3GB RAM - White).