Huawei AM08: mini Bluetooth speaker for only 20 euros [Shipped from Europe]

When we talk about Huawei we do it, in almost all cases, with reference to its smartphones, almost forgetting that the Chinese company, like the others in this sector, is fully committed to the production of "hi-tech" devices.

One of these is the Bluetooth mini speaker we're talking about today, a portable speaker with an elegant design and very interesting features, especially when compared to the selling price.

Il Huawei AM08 it is in fact a portable speaker, which, as pointed out by the company's designers, is characterized by a "swan" shape. This is due to the presence of a management console (with touch keys) which rises from the speaker by means of an arm which, in the context of the aforementioned metaphor, could represent the swan's “neck”.

But let's see them Complete specifications of the Huawei AM08:

  • Dimensions of 10.1 x 10.1 x 10.1 cm;
  • weight of 243 grams;
  • driver from 1.8W;
  • 4.0 bluetooth with A2DP, HFP, HSP and AVCRP protocols;
  • 10 meters of maximum transmission distance (without obstacles);
  • microphone to use the speaker in voice calls;
  • battery from 700mAh (4 hours of continuous playback);
  • micro USB slot for charging.

One of the features of the speaker is the ability to emit a "360-degree" sound and this thanks to the presence of a conical shape on the base of the console that "reflects" the sound emitted by the speaker, diffusing it in a "circular way" ". In this way the performance of the not very powerful driver supplied with the device is optimized.

But let's come to the price. The Huawei AM08 is currently on offer on a only 20.54 euro with shipping from European warehouses of the store (therefore without additional customs costs).

What do you think of this mini bluetooth speaker from Huawei? Do you think you buy it?