Doogee X5, the review of

Doogee X5

A few days before the review of the super low-cost Doogee X5 PRO, today we propose our test of an even cheaper smartphone, the "younger brother" Doogee X5.

The device is in fact available for about 70 euros on (with 24 months of Italian warranty and shipping from Italy) and at a price like this the claims certainly cannot be excessive. But how does the Doogee X5 perform in everyday use? Find out in our review!

Doogee X5

Doogee X5 - The review of

Doogee X5 - Sales package


The sales package of the Doogee X5 is identical to that seen with the "Pro" variant. Inside, in fact, we find:

  • Doogee X5;
  • quick manuals in English;
  • charger with USB socket with 1A output;
  • USB-Micro USB data cable.

Doogee X5 - Design and materials


Comparing the Doogee X5 and Doogee X5 Pro from an aesthetic point of view, it is impossible to notice any differences

The size of the smartphone is equal to 143 x 72.2 x 8.8 mm and his weight is 130 grams.

In addition, Doogee X5 is equipped with a 5-inch display with HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels. The edges in the corners of the device are rounded and looking at it carefully the device offers almost an air of "geometry" as it is shaped in the forms (see, for example, the side buttons).

The whole is made of medium-quality polycarbonate; the back cover is painted opaque and holds the fingerprints lightly, which, however, can only be seen against the light.

Next, instead, find the disposition of the buttons and inputs on board the Doogee X5.


The layout of the buttons is also identical to that seen on the Doogee X5 Pro; on the top we find the 3.5mm jack for headphones and the Micro USB connector.


On the left side there is both the rocker for volume adjustment and the on, lock and off button.


Moving down, then, we have the main system speaker, flanked by the main microphone.


In the high rear part is placed the camera (square) and the LED flash.


On the other hand, on the other hand, there are the three touch-sensitive keys, characterized by a chrome effect and, unfortunately, by the absence of the backlighting.


Always on the front, but on the upper part, we have the sensors for adjusting the brightness and proximity, the ear capsule and the frontal chamber.

Doogee X5 - Display


The selling price of the device could make one think of a poor quality panel, but it does not. The display supplied with the Doogee X5 is indeed the same as already seen on X5 Pro.

The panel is characterized by a diagonal equal to 5 inch and a resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixels and it's kind IPS LCD with support for multitouch only at two points. In the daily use of the device this turns into a low reactivity and occasional obstacles in fast writing. The same problems found on the "Pro" version, so to speak.

The general quality of the display is in the norm, while as regards the brightness it can be defined as average, that is not excellent but acceptable. The colors are good, as are the viewing angles.

However, the glass protecting the panel turns out to be poco oleophobic and, therefore, such as to retain fingerprints during use.

Doogee X5 - Internal Memory

The Doogee X5 is equipped with 8GB of internal memory (half of the Pro variant), of which about 6GB are available for installing applications or storing data.

The device also supports memory expansion via Micro SD and OTG function for connecting external USB / HD sticks / etc ..

Doogee X5 - Hardware and performance

The aspect in which you begin to see the differences between the Pro model and the "basic" version is related to the hardware and technical equipment. On the Doogee X5, in fact, we find an older generation Mediatek 32-bit processor and, more specifically, theMT6580 Quad-Core from 1.3GHz.

Memory RAM available is of 1 only GB, While the GPU is a Mali-400 MP1. This choice of the manufacturer to use an older generation SoC also translates into the lack of support for 4G LTE networks, which, therefore, are not among those available on this Doogee X5.

In daily use you can see some small difference in speed and general responsiveness between the two devices, but in general the performance is similar and, therefore, only sufficient.

The benchmarks performed on the device, moreover, confirm our "theory" of very similar performances, as technical data also differ by a few points.

Doogee X5 - Antutu Benchmark

Doogee X5 - Audio

Doogee X5

Same features also for speaker, which, in addition to the excellent positioning, also confirms the same “negative” specifications. The volume is average, but the sound often tends to crackle when the volume is "raised".

An acceptable result, therefore, is obtained at half volume (which, in reality, is very low).

Doogee X5 - Connectivity

Doogee X5

The connectivity aspect is undoubtedly the Achilles' heel in the Doogee X5; in fact, if the Pro model is characterized by the presence of all LTE bands, including 800Mhz, on this variant, as already mentioned, it will not be possible to take advantage of the connection to fast 4G LTE networks.

The device, however, supports two SIM cards in micro format, both with 3G support. The quality of the voice calls is also good, even if according to our interlocutors our voice was a bit "dirty".

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are well-functioning and in line with the other smartphones recently tested and belonging, more or less, to the same price range.

Doogee X5 - Camera

Same lens, same number of mega-pixels (ie 5 mega-pixels interpolated to 8 through software) and frontally, instead, 2 mega-pixels interpolated to 5 via software.

Here too, the quality is not the best and in fact the Doogee X5 manages to take only enough photos and the samples below are proof of this. However, the shots are considered to be in line with what one would expect from a device in the price range of the Doogee X5.

Doogee X5 - 720p HD video recording test

Doogee X5 - Battery

Same Doogee X5 Pro battery in terms of amperage; even here they are 2400 mAh available to the device, which, in daily use, are able to guarantee slightly higher performance than their older brother.

If Doogee X5 Pro had already been satisfactory enough from the battery aspect, guaranteeing over 3 hours of active screen with most of the use under 3G / 4G network, this "base" X5 touches the 4 hours of intense use without problems in the same conditions.

Doogee X5 - Software

No differences to highlight from the more advanced model; at the software level we find the same graphic interface that Doogee usually implements on board its devices; renewed icons, black menus (therefore, no longer white) and other small details on an aesthetic level.

The installed OS is Android Lollipop 5.1 with very few customizations by the Chinese manufacturer. The only changes, in fact, concern the release via gesture and a few other commands.

The performance is good, the software is fast and free of notable bugs.

Doogee X5 - Photo Gallery

Doogee X5 - Final considerations

Doogee X5, in light of our review, is a product with an excellent quality / price ratio, also because it represents one of the few products “with a sense” in the 50/70 euro range.

The overall performance of the device can be considered acceptable, but do not think you're dealing with something completely satisfying, starting with the two-point multitouch touchscreen.

In any case, for those who need a “forklift” or in any case a secondary smartphone, the Doogee X5 could be the best candidate, we repeat, for only 70 euros.

The device can be purchased on (with 24 months warranty and Italian assistance and with shipping from Italy) at a price of about 70 euros thanks to our discount code GIZCHINA.