Xiaomi: the rise in all areas of electronics

Xiaomi Lin Bin

In one of ours previous article we have told you about the expansionist aims of Xiaomi in the market USA: now it is useless to deny how much the imaginative brand is slowly growing and what the future prospects may be.

Starting with extremely competitive prices, but with high quality devices, first in the mobile phone market, the company then diversified its offer and, in order to expand, produced gadgets ed utility like Powerbank ed accessories fitness, up to the sectors of home entertainment, Smart TV, home automation, even clothing and even means of transport (just a few examples to give the idea: how the last electric bicycle or ninebot Mini.

Xiaomi became the first smartphone manufacturer in China, currently rated 46 billion dollars, making it the second world startup, second only to "Uber". Suffice it to say that, after entering the Indian market in July 2014, the company has sold more than 3 million of smartphone. It should not be overlooked that the largest sales activity takes place mainly in Asia, a market in the process of expansion in the hi-tech sector. They register "exports"In the American and European markets, but represent derisory figures o poco significant compared to the large numbers that are able to develop in "East".

lin bin

To confirm what the plans will be Xiaomi, he thought about it, during the interview at Wall Street Journal, the President and co-founder Lin Bin"We operate in multiple sectors of intelligent consumer electronics. We prefer to be called an internet company". He added: "The market started in India is doing well. Our model works great in countries where e-commerce is growing very fast. Xiaomi is on track to sell 80 million smartphones worldwide this year, with a 14% market share in India. Sales rose 34% in the first 6 months of the year compared to the previous year and the fourth quarter is usually strong".

Il CEO di Xiaomi go on:" We started this year the assembly of mobile phones in India, in a plant managed by the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group., But the demand for smartphones is growing a lot in this country, which let's not forget, it is the second most populous nation in the world. . However, problems persist, such as the lack of efficient infrastructure and transport, as well as difficulties in finding the components offered by suppliers".

Lin Bin he took the opportunity, by referring to the Chinese and Indian market, to publicize his skills air purifier and how it deals with the pollution problem in China, emphasizing how the device can clean the air in the surrounding environment in about six minutes and can be connected to a smartphone for intelligent control.

xiaomi air purifier

Continuing he then referred to his latest TV stating: "The MiTV 3 that the company just launched is almost like a phone, except for the larger display. The television, which packs a 60-inch ultra-high resolution 4K, will cost around $ 800 (about $ 707)".

il CEO he added: "Each month, 130 million people use our smartphones, televisions, routers and other products, generating an interesting income for all of Xiaomi. In addition to the sale of devices, in the future for Xiaomi there will be the possibility of directly providing support to consumers with games and services through the TV, of course always everything connected to the smartphone which will be the "control center"".

There were no interesting statements in which Lin Bin has addressed the growing concern that smartphones can become boring, as consumers are starting to lack enthusiasm for devices that now always look the same. He then hinted at a hypothetical and innovative device of touchscreen inputin the future, able to interact with users, stating in conclusion: "In the coming months, I'm sure we'll see something really cool".

How do you consider the rise of Xiaomi? Is it intriguing to you too, with the constant news that it puts on the market?