UMi Zero 2 will be made of liquid metal?


We've been hearing a lot about the future top of the range lately UMi Zero 2 and its possible specifications.

According to the latest information leaked on the network, the device should be provided with 4GB di RAM, a factor that would make it the first product of the company to mount such a quantity of memory, but this would not be the only interesting news.


According to the latest rumors, in fact, theUMi Zero 2 could have a body in "Liquid Metal". It is a very resistant and durable material that has never been used to build smartphones on a large scale until now.

Applein fact, it uses it only for some of its smaller, deteriorating components.

For this when the Chinese company UMi announced its intention to produce a smartphone completely with this material took a little everyone by surprise.

Obviously nothing has been confirmed yet and there are no dates in which this hypothetical UMi Zero 2 could see the light but, even if it were not made in "Liquid Metal“, The other specifications rumored so far would be very interesting.

Waiting for official news we leave you with our complete review of the UMO, the predecessor launched about a year ago.