UMI confesses: the new UMI Zero 2 will be more resistant than the UMI Zero

Umi Zero 2

In the past we have already seen, when it comes to the market and to entice new customers to buy their device, how the big houses do not think twice about making fun of the direct antagonists with jeers and "chilli" comparisons (an example is Apple & Samsung, companies in eternal "struggle" ...).

However, in this case the protagonist UMI to anticipate the release of its next Top of the Range UMI Zero 2 he found a somewhat original way to publicize it.

Taking its current reference as a reference UMI Zero (Here our review), the company has specified that with the new UMI Zero 2 we will find in our hands the most resistant smartphone on the market, much more solid even than its predecessor. 

Even more curious in the marketing strategy adopted by UMI is the publication of some images showing the broken frame in a corner of its UMI Zero with the words: "The UMI Zero chassis is far from durable!".

Curiosity aside, how is this marketing strategy to be considered by UMI?

While on the one hand we can praise UMI for having highlighted a defect of its previous model, showing that it is not afraid to show the mistakes made, on the other it must be said that it is easy to do it to advertise a new device that will solve the problems. themselves.

The technical features of the UMI Zero 2 are not yet known, but considering the current one UMI Zero supplied with octacore chipset MediaTek MT6592 with clock a 2.0GHz e 2GB di RAM, we can imagine the allocation of at least one CPU Helio X10 with at least 3-4GB di RAM and fingerprint reader.

Umi Zero 2 double screen

Other rumors about the device tell us about the possible presence of 2 display (a e-ink display on the back?), of the back cover in leather (in the case of the 2 displays there will therefore be 2 versions of the smartphone) of the possible body in liquid metal and finally OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Umi Zero 2 leather

No information, however, regarding price and launch date on the market.

This UMI Zero 2 has intrigued us since the first rumors… Aren't you curious?