UMI eMAX Mini, the review of

UMI eMax Mini

Although the name may seem a "paradox", UMI eMAX Mini It is a device with an excellent technical data sheet and a "mini" format that makes it even more desirable in everyday use.

Attractive price, excellent technical data sheet and still “human” dimensions, these are the key elements of the eMax Mini. Ready to find out everything there is to know about this device?


UMI eMAX Mini can be purchased on at a discounted price thanks to the voucher "GIZCHINA"And with shipping from Italy and 24 months of warranty and Italian assistance.

UMI eMAX Mini - The complete review of

UMI eMAX Mini - Sales package


Inside the elegant sales package "Book" of the UMI eMAX Mini we find:

  • UMI eMAX Mini;
  • charger with European socket, USB output from 1A;
  • anti-shrinking USB-micro USB cable;
  • Illustrative manuals in English.

UMI eMAX Mini - Design and materials


Contained the dimensions, which make it one of the most appealing devices of the moment, as well as for convenience of use, even for technical specifications and price; UMI eMAX Mini in fact, it presents itself with dimensions equal to 139.8 69.6 x x 8.9mm thick for only 130 grams of weight.

The shell is made of good quality plastic and with aluminum side edges; the back cover is removable and is decorated with a knurled texture with a circular pattern.

It leaves a bit 'perplexed chrome finish of the camera that seems to be very delicate; the sample we reviewed, in fact, seems to have slightly peeled off in the circular chrome of the camera, despite the maximum precautions used during the various tests.

Build quality is good; the device has no assembly defects or creaks in the various parts that compose it. Below, however, you will find the layout of the buttons and inputs on board the UMI eMAX Mini.


Starting from the right side of the device we find the rocker for adjusting the volume followed by the on, lock and off key.

The left profile, on the other hand, is completely clean.


The top part integrates the only 3.5mm jack for the earphones.


The lower edge, on the other hand, starting from the left, integrates the microphone hidden in the grille, the Micro USB connector in the central part and the speaker on the right.


On the front there are three touch-sensitive buttons, of which only two are backlit, or the lateral ones (back and multitasking), while the central one is circular and chromed.


At the rear of the device there is the 13 mega-pixel circular chamber, accompanied by the second microphone for the reduction of environmental noise and the LED flash.

UMI eMAX Mini - Display


Lo screen supplied with the UMI eMAX Mini is a great unit, made by Sharp, from 5 inches with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels FullHD, an IPS-NEO LCD matrix panel with pixel density of PPI 441.

In general, the panel is of excellent quality and shows good colors and a good calibration of the same; the viewing angle is also excellent and the sensor for automatic brightness adjustment works very well.

The oleophobic treatment performed on the panel is not optimal. The panel, in fact, tends to retain fingerprints during use.

UMI eMAX Mini - Internal memory

The UMI eMax Mini is equipped with 16GB of internal memorybut excluding the system partition, we find it available around 12GB, usable as usual to install application and store data.

The slot is also present Micro SD which allows us to expand internal memory up to 32GB.

UMI eMAX Mini - Hardware and performance

UMI eMAX Mini, as mentioned at the beginning, is a "mini" only in size; at the component level it comes with one on board Snapdragon 615 of Qualcomm Octa-Core (4 cores 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 + 4 cores 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53) to 64-Bit.

La RAM available is equal to 2GB . The device also has a GPU Adreno 405 that manages to perform heavier gaming operations without any sign of failure or weakness.

The device manages to discreetly handle all the operations, starting from web browsing up to the execution of Asphalt 8 or multiple apps in multitasking.

In addition, the hardware allows you to reproduce in an excellent way all the sample videos we tested, both .mp4 and .mkv, also in 4K.

Below, however, the results obtained in the benchmarks by stressing the hardware of the UMI eMAX Mini.

UMI eMAX Mini - Antutu Benchmark

UMI eMAX Mini - Audio


Speaker supplied with UMI eMAX Mini is single, therefore mono in the audio reproduction. The sound quality reproduced is average, even if the speaker's behavior is rather "ambiguous".

First of all, it must be said that the device takes advantage of JBL's sound optimization that audiophiles will surely know; beyond this, however, we have a sound poco powerful at volume level.

The stock application for music playback, in fact, reproduces the audio in a decisive way poco powerful, while the speech changes radically in the Google Play Music player. A question, therefore, of software optimization.

UMI eMAX Mini - Connectivity


UMI eMAX Mini, as you can well understand from the photo above, it is a device that supports two SIM cards in micro format, both with support for 4G LTE connectivity.

It is good to receive the device, there are no major difficulties in using it and the switches between 3G and 4G are quite fast.

However, the “classic” 20 LTE band (800Mhz) is missing among those compatible with this UMI eMAX Mini; pity for those who use operators like Tim and Wind in remote areas. Everyone else will not notice any problems.

UMI eMAX Mini - Camera

The UMI eMAX Mini camera is a 13 mega-pixels with LED flash which, in actual use, is able to guarantee mediocre quality shots in almost any light condition.

At night the device shows some more difficulties in focusing and shooting (all this translates into a longer shutter speed, about 5-7 seconds to focus and shoot at night, compared to about 3 in daytime) .

The room front it is instead a good one 8 mega-pixels which offered good performance, especially in optimal light conditions.

UMI eMAX Mini - FullHD 1080p video recording test


UMI eMAX Mini - Software

At the software level, the Chinese manufacturer UMI has not implemented large customizations on its eMAX Mini; first of all the version of Android on which the system is based is the typical 5.0.2, so not the last distribution of the green robot.

UMI has customized the launcher's graphical interface and has included very few other options in the lockscreen for quick commands such as taking a selfie, opening the music player or scanning a QR code.

In terms of "concrete" options, UMI has only integrated the classic options available on devices of Chinese and non-Chinese origin, ie some functions through gesture.

UMI eMAX Mini - Autonomy

One of the most interesting aspects is certainly the one concerning the UMI eMAX Mini battery; a unit by well 3040 mAh available, even if unfortunately not removable.

Leaving aside the technical data, the eMAX Mini manages to bring us up to the evening without difficulty, getting around 4 hours of active screen with mixed use between 3G / 4G and Wi-Fi (the latter to a lesser extent).

The use taken into account provides the presence of two synchronized email boxes, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger with active notifications throughout the day.

UMI eMAX Mini - Photo Gallery

UMI eMAX Mini - Final considerations

UMI eMAX Mini is a smartphone to really keep an eye on when you decide to buy a product in this range; the device in question, in fact, in addition to having a good quality / price ratio, has a good technical data sheet and above all it is built in an impeccable way (or almost).

Furthermore, the “contained” dimensions can offer the UMI eMAX Mini an extra chance in the range to which it belongs, above all because they could be attractive for that category of users more interested in a compact and handy product.

UMI eMAX Mini can be purchased on at a discounted price thanks to the voucher "GIZCHINA"And with shipping from Italy and 24 months of warranty and Italian assistance.