NO.1 S3, the review of

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The wearable sector is perhaps the most growing in recent months and all manufacturers, the best known, the emerging ones and, obviously, also the Chinese, try to offer a product that stands out for certain characteristics or peculiarities.

No.1 S3 is one of these, a smartwatch that, thanks to its form factor, very similar to that of a common clock, and some dedicated features, such as the presence of a slot for the SIM, will try to carve out its share of the market. Will he succeed?

No.1 S3, the review of

No.1 S3 - Technical Sheet

  • CPU MediaTek MTK 2502;
  • 64MB of RAM memory;
  • 128 MB of internal memory;
  • Micro-SD up to 32GB;
  • Circular display from 1,22 in. IPS with a resolution of 240 x 204 pixels;
  • Battery from 350 mAh;
  • Dimensions of 54 x 42,5 x 13 millimeters;
  • Weight of 53 grams;
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android.

No.1 S3 - Packaging

Typical white hardback of the manufacturer with the logo of the brand at the top and the list of NO.1 S3 technical specifications at the bottom. The presentation is very similar to that of a common watch. Inside we find:

  • No.1 S3;
  • USB cable - micro-USB;
  • Quick use manuals,
  • socket for charging No.1 S3.

Therefore, standard equipment for No.1 s3, which includes everything needed to use the smartwatch.

No.1 S3 - Design

A wearable must easily be confused with a commonly used accessory. The choice of the manufacturer to focus on a circular design and excellent materials, such as steel for the crown and leather for the strap, help to make the best of this idea.

On the front we have the circular display from 1.22 inch IPS protected by mineral glass.

The case is made of aluminum and surrounds the whole device, making it much more pleasant to use and giving a more appearance premium. The only button on No.1 S3 is the power button to unlock and unlock the device.

no_1_s3 (24)

Unlike the side body, however, the bottom is made of plastic material, which, thanks to a slightly rough finish, helps prevent the No.1 S3 from slipping off the wrist. Another peculiarity is the possibility to remove the bottom of the clock with a simple swipe and access the battery compartment (removable) to insert the micro SIM and micro SD.

The strap is made of leather, according to what the company declares, but the sensation to the touch does not convince us at 100%. The heartbeat sensor on the inner back of the strap should be noted.

The fit is excellent. It is easy to mistake No.1 S3 for a common watch, but as soon as we wake up the display we realize the technological soul of its technological soul.

No.1 S3 - Display

Excellent brightness. The display of No.1 S3 is an IPS - LCD unit with a diameter of 1.22 inches and, of course, touch. On the lower part of the display there is a "half moon", a small tactile area of ​​the screen, which is used to return to the main screen when you are inside the menu, a function that can also be reached via the physical button on the back of the device .

no_1_s3 (15)

The No.1 S3's display visibility is discreet in direct sunlight, without even the need to push the level to the max. The flaw of the display is in the reproduction of colors and in the viewing angle, not definable by IPS but as a classic TFT-LCD.

No.1 S3 - Software

The mission of No.1 S3 is to combine two web platforms iOS and Android in a single wearable, at a very affordable price. On the No.1 S3 we can perform all the usual operations without always switching between smartphone and wearble.

no_1_s3 (29)

We can watch our daily progress, start a session of physical activity, monitor sleep, or, again, check the weather. Appreciated the feature that allows you to make a call from the SIM present in the smartphone and then transfer the call to the smartphone. It is also possible to view the history of calls made from a smartphone or from the No.1 S3 SIM.

There is also an App to monitor the heartbeat, the compass, remote shooting or the management of music playback from the associated smartphone. Unfortunately, the usual operations, such as physical activity and sleep monitors, will have to be activated manually, an aspect that penalizes the general experience with the device.

For the management features, such as smartphone coupling and monitoring functionality, we find an application, provided by MediaTek, called Mediatek Smart Device, the same already seen in previous reviews. In this way, we can manage the applications from which we want to receive notifications and the activation / deactivation of the alert function outside the range of action of the device. The advice is to disable it, unless you want to be harassed by notifications.

no_1_s3 (28)

There is no shortage of flaws in the management of notifications, which are not always delivered, and the inability to correctly type a text message from the clock face without a keyboard designed ad hoc or without voice dictation.

No.1 S3 - Autonomy

The battery of the No.1 S3 is a 350 mAH unit. Despite being slightly above the average of other devices, autonomy leaves no way out for surprises. Like most devices that are not moved by Android Wear, the autonomy is about 2/3 days of use, with all the features active and with the device active even at night. Obviously the autonomy will be strictly linked to the number of notifications received during the day.

No.1 S3 - Conclusions

Promoted or rejected? Posterity will judge. The idea is pleasant and convincing on paper. In daily use, we note that there are still software imperfections and features added and poorly studied, such as, for example, the implementation of text messages.

The ability to run on multiple platforms and to keep their progress always available, including changing smartphones between Android and iOS, is a plus to keep in mind.

no_1_s3 (10)

If the manufacturer succeeds in remedying the veins of youth software, thanks to its quality / price ratio, No.1 S3 will succeed in obtaining a front row position in the wearble sector.

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More information on all the other products made by No.1 can be found on the official website of the company.