MiDrop, the AirDrop Xiaomi arrives with the latest OTA MIUI 7


The latest OTA update of the MIUI 7 Developer brings with it an interesting feature for data transfer between Xiaomi phones!

Renamed with poco enthusiasm like MiDrop, the new MIUI app allows you to exchange data between different Mi-phones.


This application basically uses WiFi Direct technology to share data at high speed between MIUI-ers; although the range of solutions in this sense is very wide, just think of ES File Explorer, Superbeam, etc., MiDrop is the first Xiaomi product that natively supports this feature.

The feature in question is available at the moment on the latest developer version of the MIUI 7 (it should therefore be present also on the ROMs of Miui.it and Xiaomi.eu) but it is easy to expect rapid implementation also on the Stable version.

If you are running a Global Developer ROM on your device to take advantage of MiDrop, you will need to have the MIUI 5.9.29 installed. If you are installing the Chinese Developer version, you will need to have the 5.10.8 on board.

If you have already tested the feature, let us know how it is and how you are, especially if you already consider it capable of replacing your third-party app. Below is a short illustrative video: