Will the Honor 7i in Europe be renamed Huawei ShotX? Pre-order available in Germany

After presenting the device in China, as already happened for the Honor 7, the Huawei subsidiary would seem to be about to present in Europe also the "low-cost" variant of the smartphone, or theHonor 7i (Here our review), smartphone characterized by a particular rotating camera.

The landing on the European territory of the device, which could be renamed Huawei ShotX, should be started by Germany and, according to the news leaked in the last hours, the first pre-orders would already be available.

As already happened for other smartphones of the "two" companies, for the European marketing, therefore, the device will be "re-branded" by Huawei and the launch price could be set dollars 397, about 350 € at the current exchange rate.

If the rumors were to be confirmed, therefore, the European price of the device should be equal to that of the Honor 7, which, moreover, thanks to some discount codes, sometimes it can be purchased for only 299 euro.

L'Honor 7i shares part of the features of the Honor 7, with the difference of the processor installed (Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 from 1.5Ghz), the GPU and the RAM (equal to 2GB).

But the feature characterizing the device is the aforementioned rotating camera, characterized by an unprecedented rotation system that we had the opportunity to test in depth in our full review.

Pending confirmation of the European launch of the new Huawei ShotX, we leave you with the complete review of the device "in the guise" of the Chinese Honor 7i: