Here is the new edition of Interbrand, surprise Lenovo as a new entry


Interbrand It comes to his 16esima edition and draws up a ranking of the top 100 brand worldwide. Even this year Apple e Google they win the first and second place respectively, but the surprise is represented by the new entry Lenovo which closes the list al 100esimo place.

Best Global Brands, the company responsible for this event, identifies the best and most powerful brands in the world market each year based on estimated capital (in billions of dollars).


The first two places seem to be stable now Apple e Google that, with a heritage of 170,276 e 120,314 billion respectively they reside on the two highest steps of the podium. The House of Cupertinoin fact, only this year has increased its value of 43% against 12% earned from Google, figures that compare with the total value of the two multinationals almost make me shudder.Interbrand-2

Coca-Cola e Microsoft chase the two brands just mentioned positioning themselves in third and fourth place, thus exceeding one IBM slightly down. Surprise of Amazon that manages to place itself in the top 10 in tenth position thanks to a capital dthe 37,948 billions of dollars.

The real news, however, are 5 almost unexpected new entries: Lego (82nd), PayPal (97th), Mini (98th), Moet & Chandon (99th) and finally Lenovo in 100th place. "The entry into the "Top 100" of Interbrand represents for us an important recognition of the strategy of the brand Lenovo, and proves that the transformation of our brand, which is shaping our business and our future products, is proving successful ", he comments Jan Huckfeldt, VP Marketing, EMEA of Lenovo. "We are in fact carrying out a great deal of involvement of our fans and fans of the Lenovo Brand, and we expect to cut more and more ambitious goals in the future ".

First di Lenovo already another Chinese brand had entered the ranking of Interbrand in the 2014, we are talking about Huawei, which is placed 88esima with a gain of 15% of the capital compared to the previous year.