No Helio X10 but Snapdragon 801 for the OnePlus X (mini)?

OnePlus X Mini

A few days ago we showed you the possible specifications of the new home device OnePlus, Or the OnePlus X or - more commonly said - Mini.

According to the old rumors, the company would rely on the platform Meditek Helio X10 to move the smartphone, but the latest news leaks seem to completely shuffle the cards on the table, given that it seems more plausible to adopt the former Qualcomm top-of-the-range home of the last year, or the Snapdragon 801.

OnePlus X Mini

A choice that would almost certainly lead to a reduction in the production costs of the device, which, consequently, should have a very competitive and contained market price, all combined with a very intriguing design and highly respectable technical specifications.

The hardware equipment, in fact, currently provides a display from 5 inches FullHD, 2GB RAM, 16 or 32GB of internal memory, Android Lollipop 5.1 and a main camera from 13 Mega-pixel.

We could therefore speak of a smaller restyling of the “old” top of the range OnePlus One, considering the very similar hardware (same SoC), all combined with a rather aggressive launch price that should be around 999 and of 1499 Yuan, respectively 140 and 210 euro, a good number, therefore, next to the recent Mi 4C of Xiaomi.

According to you OnePlus X will be equipped with a processor Meditaek Helio X10 o Snapdragon 801? Which chipset would you prefer?

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