BlackView BV5000: the rugged-phone shows itself ready to ship

Leaked images show the BlackView device ready to ship

BlackView BV5000

Despite the constant discussions and the perennial contrast between functionality and design, it is undeniable that i rugged phones, beautiful or ugly they are, certainly offer a higher level of resistance than the so-called "premium phones".

This does not mean that premium smartphones can not withstand shocks or particular situations, but surely rugged-phones are often certified, approved and above all tested in unfavorable conditions in which resistance to dust, water and shocks make them and basic features.

About two months ago BlackView has tested the strength of the new BlackView BV5000 in a series of videos and the device proved to be strong enough to be used as a chopping board in the kitchen and to resist paint, ice baths and any torture you can imagine.

Today's news is that the BV5000 is ready to withstand all these challenges, and more. Indeed, BlackView is finally happy to communicate that his smartphone BV5000 is ready for shipment and does so through photos coming directly from inside the factory itself.
Also, new photos show some of the phone components being assembled, as well as being boxed for the aforementioned shipment.

BlackView BV5000Briefly summarizing the technical specifications of the BV5000, remember that it is a smartphone dual SIM 4G LTE and is equipped with a display from 5 inch LCD IPS with HD resolution 1280 720 pixels x, processor quad-core MT6735 MediaTek to 64-bit from 1Ghz, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable ROMs up to a maximum of 32GB with micro SD.

The photographic sector will instead be composed of one camera main from 8 mega-pixels associated with one front from 2 mega-pixel. Do not miss the function of quick charging despite the presence of a powerful battery by well 4.780mAh which, according to the company, should guarantee 2 days "without worries", all enclosed in a terminal that presents the IP67 certification with guaranteed resistance for 10 minutes in water, as well as for use in environments with a lot of dust.

Certainly with one thickness from 11.9 mm this BV5000 is not the smartphone suitable for those who prefer smaller thicknesses and weights. For all those who, however, will make a "rugged use", the device is available for purchase on
As always we will keep you updated as soon as we have further news and in the meantime we leave you with a video showing the Blackview production processes.