Swiftkey introduces Neural Alpha, the first neural network keyboard


Many of you will know Swiftkey, one of the main alternatives to default keyboards, often poco (or nothing) customizable and / or not very practical during their use.

Her predictive keyboard has captured the attention of many users and also of many other programmers, who have tried to trace its operation.
Swiftkey but it was not satisfied with the success achieved, and raised the bar, introducing Swiftkey Neural Alpha.Swiftkey Neural Alpha

What is it in practice?
Swiftkey Neural Alpha is the first mobile keyboard based on artificial neural networks.

"Neural networks? That? "
Originally Swiftkey predicted the continuation of a sentence we typed based on a database contained in the memory of the app built on the basis of our daily use of the device, while using text messages, messaging apps, posts on social media etc.
Swiftkey Neural Alpha is an evolution of that. Predictive ability no longer relies solely on this database, but also uses a much more complex system than autonomous reasoning.

Let's take a practical example.
First, by writing a message like "Let's go to", Swiftkey could suggest a word / phrase already recurring in our previous messages of that type, for example "at the pub".
Now, with Swiftkey Neural Alpha, the app will be able to interpret the sentence "Let's go to the pub" and, consequently, autonomously suggest alternatives that for the app are consistent for the construction of the sentence, such as for example "We go to the cinema", or "We go to school", and so on.

Swiftkey Neural Alpha

Consequently, we can understand that the keyboard prediction will no longer be based solely on what it has learned from our daily use, but will have a better understanding of sentences. smart and consistent with the context of the discourse and, consequently, less limited.

The app is already available for free on the Play Store, but at the moment it is available only in English, even if it is conceivable that in the future it will also be available in Italian.
For now, we leave you with the Google Play link, if you were willing to try it in the meantime.
We will keep you updated as soon as it is updated with the Italian language.