OnePlus X already on sale on a Chinese site

OnePlus X

The news regarding the future device of the well-known Chinese company continue to follow one another OnePlus.

After talking to you about the possible price of the new Oneplus X and a probable variant with a "mod" of the Snapdragon 801 processor, is news of poco ago that a Chinese store put the OnePlus X, even already discounted.

In fact, the original price of the device is, according to the rumors mentioned above, of 1705 yuan, which at the current exchange rate correspond approximately to 240 €, very close to1699 yuan leaked, while it is currently on sale on the store a 1559 yuan, about 222 €, therefore at a slightly lower price.

OnePlus XIn addition to the price, on the online store also appeared complete specifications, which seem to confirm most of the advances.

OnePlus X

According to what we read, the OnePlus X should equip itself with a 5 inches, a processor 801 Snapdragon quad-core with frequency of 2.3 GHz, 3 GB di RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, a battery from 2525mAh, support Dual SIM and connectivity 4G.

OnePlus XThe photographic sector will consist of a rear camera of 13 mega-pixels and from a front camera from 8 mega-pixels.

OnePlus XFrom the software point of view the device will be equipped with the Hydrogen OS, or the ROM owner of OnePlus based on Lollipop Android 5.1.1.

OnePlus XWe just have to wait for the launch event of OnePlus Scheduled the next 29 October to find out everything about the highly anticipated OnePlus X.

Of course, as usual, we invite you to "take with the pliers" when reported in this article, because, by now we know, it is common use of Chinese dealers to sell the devices before the official launch.