LeTV starts its marketing campaign with a giveaway

You have certainly noticed it too, LeTV is becoming in a very short time a real super-power, which thanks to its great dynamism on the market has started to give a hard time even to the top brands.

In the last few hours, a post has appeared on the company's official web page announcing the start of the new campaign marketing of LeTV.

LeTV-campaign-1The creation of giveaways is a proven way to capture people's attention and in fact the brand Chinese has thought well to use this strategy of marketing for the launch of its first device on the market Indian.

LeTV she only ventured into the mobile world at the beginning of this year and has so far managed to hit both fans and insiders, even making fun of her devices on social media.

So soon, televisions, smartphone and even TV Box will be made available to new fans living in India.

The message of the marketing campaign dedicated to the Indian market is about one of the "super products”Of the company that will be offered as a gift to a lucky fan; but that's not all, as if the post will exceed the "modest" figure of 100.000 shares, LeTV invite a fan to the next launch on a global scale, also paying for air travel and hotel accommodation.

Needless to say, i fan impatient crowded the social channels after a few minutes from the post, asking about the upcoming launches of the marked products LeTV... will be the smartphone with Snapdragon 820?

In any case, the proposed offer is really tempting, for those who want to try to be the lucky winner of one smartphone or of an ticket for the next launch of LeTV, can head on Facebook page in which the details of the initiative are reported and post a comment to participate.

What do you think about it? Do you feel lucky?