Huawei steals the scepter from Xiaomi. First place in sales in the Q3 2015!

Huawei xiaomi logo

The Chinese smartphone market is certainly one of the largest in the world and the leading position in China has so far been attributed to Xiaomi, a company that has never hidden its will to expand into the global market.

All this up to now, as from an analysis of the results obtained in Q3 2015, closed at the September 30, the positions have changed: in first place, for the first time, now there is Huawei, which barefoot Xiaomi, relegating it to second position.

Huawei 2 logo

The analyzes were performed on device sales that for Huawei, according to a study by Canalys (which has declared to release precise numbers and statistics at the end of the month), have even risen well81% compared to the year 2014, what that Xiaomi it failed to replicate.

However, encouraging data are also found for Xiaomi, which seems to have resumed the right path in this new quarter, but the company will have to contend with fierce competition from Huawei, which, thanks to the recently launched devices, is making sparks with excellent sales, even above expectations. Xiaomi, for its part, will try to revive with its own Xiaomi MI 4C.

He will then succeed Xiaomi to recover the crown kept for so long? Or Huawei will it hang on top of the table? Stay with us for new news on the "challenge".