Doogee X5 Pro, the review of

Doogee X5 Pro

The smartphone market (Chinese and non-Chinese) now offers solutions "for all budgets" and of various sizes, from 6 inches to 4.5, with or without biometric sensor, with 2K display or only QWVGA. Today we are talking about a low-cost proposal in this sector, specifically the Doogee X5 Pro.

The smartphone on the card promises well, especially if we consider the quality / specification / price ratio.


Doogee X5 Pro is available on (in the black color only) with shipping from Italy, 24 months warranty and Italian assistance and discounted thanks to the voucher "GIZCHINA".

Doogee X5 Pro, the review of

Doogee X5 Pro - Sales package


In the compact sales box of the Doogee X5 Pro we find:

  • Doogee X5 Pro;
  • quick manuals in English;
  • charger with USB socket with 1A output;
  • USB-Micro USB data cable.

Doogee X5 Pro - Design and materials


Do you know a Lego brick? Here is the Doogee X5 Pro gives the impression of being just that, given its thickness and the form factor. The size of the smartphone is equal to 143 x 72.2 x 8.8 mm and his weight is 130 grams.

In addition, Doogee X5 Pro is equipped with a 5-inch display with HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels. The edges in the corners of the device are rounded and looking at it carefully the device offers almost an air of "geometry" as it is shaped in the forms (see, for example, the side buttons).

The whole is made of medium-quality polycarbonate; the back cover is painted opaque and slightly imprints the prints, however, they are only visible against the light.

Next, instead, find the disposition of the buttons and inputs on board the Doogee X5 Pro.


On the top of the smartphone we have, starting from the left, the 3.5mm jack for headphones and the Micro USB connector.


At the bottom instead there is the system speaker hidden behind the holes in the body and the main microphone.

Unfortunately, the second microphone for the reduction of environmental noise is missing.


On the right side of the Doogee X5 Pro are the buttons for adjusting the volume and the power on, lock and off.


Left side completely clean.


At the back of the device there is the 8 mega-pixel camera with a square shape and rounded edges, flanked by the single LED flash.


At the front, finally, we have the headset capsule, the front camera by 5 mega-pixel and the proximity sensors and for automatic brightness.

Doogee X5 Pro - Display


The screen supplied with the Doogee X5 Pro has a diagonal of 5 inch and a resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixels. The panel of this smartphone is of type IPS LCD and, unfortunately, it supports multitouch only in two points, which means that, to the test of facts, it offers low reactivity, showing, for example, some jamming in fast writing.

The quality of the colors and of the display itself is normal; the display has an average brightness, not excellent but acceptable. The colors are good, as are the viewing angles.

However, the display turns out to be poco oleophobic and, therefore, such as to retain fingerprints during use.

Doogee X5 Pro - Internal memory

The Doogee X5 pro is equipped with 16GB of internal memory, of which 12GB is available for installing applications or storing data.

The device also supports memory expansion via Micro SD and OTG function for connecting external USB / HD sticks / etc ..

Doogee X5 Pro - Hardware and performance

The good-low-cost Doogee device comes with a 64-bit processor Mediatek MT6735 quad-core with clock a 1.2GHz, chipset with support for 4G LTE networks. The device is also provided with 2GB RAM memory alongside the aforementioned 16GB of internal storage.

Given the medium-low-end hardware that Doogee X5 Pro is equipped with, the performance offered can be considered in line with the equipment; in everyday use, all in all, there are no major difficulties, as each operation can be performed without problems.

In routine testing, the outcome was negative for 2K videos, which, as expected, are not supported, while FullHD is played. The stock browser is slightly slow in data exchange, so it is advisable as usual to use Google Chrome as the default browser.

Doogee X5 Pro - Antutu Benchmark

Below are the results obtained by testing the Doogee X5 Pro hardware in various benchmark tests. 

Doogee X5 Pro - Audio


Good position in which thespeaker in the Doogee X5 Pro, while a little less the overall quality of the audio played by the device. The volume is average, but the sound often tends to croak when the volume bar is raised.

An acceptable result, therefore, is obtained at half volume (which, in reality, is very low).

Doogee X5 Pro - Connectivity


The connectivity sector, which first of all presents itself with, is also mediocre double SIM housing (both in micro format) and has compatibility with LTE networks, even if the fateful 20 band is absent.

The reception is good, the swtich between 3G and 4G are fast and web browsing is acceptable; good also the quality of voice calls, even if according to our interlocutors our voice was a bit '"dirty".

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are well-functioning and in line with other smartphones.

Doogee X5 Pro - Camera

The cameras supplied with Doogee X5 Pro are respectively from 8 e 5 mega-pixels, of which, however, 3 mega-pixels of each are related tosoftware interpolation. In short, the rear camera is XMUMX mega-pixel interpolated to 5 and in daily performance fails to give sufficient results and you can notice it from the shots you find to follow; in poor light conditions the results are poor, with a lot of noise inside every single shot.

The front camera is instead from 2 mega-pixels interpolated to 5 and it too fails to give excellent results.

Doogee X5 Pro - 720p HD video recording test

Doogee X5 Pro - Battery

2400 mAh available on the Doogee X5 Pro, a battery that does not promise miracles but that allows you to use the device in an almost stressful way without having to necessarily use the nearest power outlet to recharge it before dinner.

The device, in fact, turned on from the morning to 7.30 remained active until after dinner with a total of poco less than 3 hours and a half of screen lit., with use almost always under 3G network in an area with poco field, and Wi-Fi for no more than two hours in total.

Doogee X5 Pro - Software

At the software level we find the same graphic interface that Doogee usually implements on board its devices; renewed icons, black menus (therefore, no longer white) and other small details on an aesthetic level.

Technically speaking, however, we have the version of Android Lollipop 5.1 with very few additions from the Chinese manufacturer, including unlocking via gesture and a few other commands.

The performance is good, the software is fast and free of notable bugs.

Doogee X5 Pro - Photo Gallery

Doogee X5 Pro - Final considerations

Doogee X5 pro it is definitely not a perfect device, starting from the display and the relative touchscreen panel. For the rest, it is a complete device that, considering the sale price, can be a good product to be used in case of emergencies or for those without major claims.

Doogee X5 Pro is available on (in the black color only) with shipping from Italy, 24 months warranty and Italian assistance and discounted thanks to the voucher "GIZCHINA".