Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus, the review of GizChina.it

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus

Zopo is a well-known brand in the Chinese telephony world and certainly not new in this sector. Today we are going to discover the new in every single detail Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus, a device with an excellent technical data and above all a good quality / price ratio.

He will have amazed us, will not have surprised us? Discover all aspects of this smartphone in our full review.


The Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus is available for purchase at 229 € on the official Italian dealer's website Zopomobile.it. We remind you that on the store you can take advantage of a discount through the voucher GIZOPOIT5 thanks to which it will be possible to win the Speed ​​7 Plus a 215 €.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - The full review of GizChina.it

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Sales package


Inside the compact sales box of the Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus we find the classic accessories; the equipment, in fact, includes:

  • smartphones;
  • Charger with European socket and 1A outlet;
  • Instruction manuals and guarantee (translated also in Italian);
  • USB-micro USB cable;
  • Headphones not in ear, with built-in microphone and volume control.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Design and materials


The Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus is presented first of all with dimensions equal to 153.6 x 76.5 x 8.8 mm e 167 grams of weight. The display it is equipped with is a unit from 5.5 inches at resolution FullHD 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The design is rather anonymous and in Zopo style, with rounded lines and well defined edges, chrome along the smartphone frame and finishes virtually absent on details such as back cover and side buttons.

The whole is made of medium quality plastic; the smartphone is well assembled and does not show crunches, as instead happened on other models of the same Chinese house. The back cover is removable, with a paint that is almost "striped" and smooth like the rest of the smartphone.


The only sore point concerns the tendency of the entire body to retain a lot of fingerprints during use.

Below, however, you will find the layout of the buttons on the Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus.


Starting from the bottom, we find the Micro USB connector next to the system microphone; moreover, it is possible to notice the recess dedicated to the opening and removal of the back cover.


On the upper part, instead, there is the 3.5mm jack for the use of earphones.


The right side of the smartphone is instead presented with the volume rocker on the top and next to the on / off button.


The left side is completely uncluttered and clean.


Analyzing the device from the front, however, we have the upper speaker alongside the brightness and proximity sensors and the 5 mega-pixel front camera.


The lower back of the device mounts the system speaker in the left corner of the smartphone: a non-optimal position, exacerbated by the lack of excellent sound quality of the device.

zopo-speed-plus-7-09At the top, in the back, we find the main camera from 13 mega-pixels accompanied by a circular LED flash.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Display


The screen supplied with the Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus has a diagonal equal to 5.5 inches and a resolution FullHD 1920 × 1080 pixels. The panel of this smartphone is of the IPS LCD type.

In general the display of the device showed a good performance; in the field tests it performs well under practically every aspect. The brightness is good, the color calibration also, as well as the sensor for automatic brightness.

What does not fully convince? As mentioned, the display is poco oleophobic and using the smartphone all day, it will seem to be in front of an oil tank.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Internal Memory

The Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus is equipped with 16GB of internal memory, but actually in daily use we find only 11.23GB available, which can be used as usual to install applications and store data.

Fortunately, there is no room inside the battery compartment for the Micro SD to expand the internal storage.

The manufacturer also declares that the smartphone supports memory expansion cards up to 64GB; then there is also the OTG for connecting hard disks, pendrive or devices such as mice and keyboards.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Hardware and performance

It wasn't really born as a top of the range, but poco missing in its data sheet to make it so. Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus, in fact, comes with a Octa-Core processor of Mediatek, specifically theMT6753 clocked equal to 1.3GHz and architecture a 64-bit.

Memory RAM is equal to 3GB on this model, while the GPU is an ARM Mali-T720 MP2 to 450MHz. The internal storage, as already mentioned, is 16GB expandable with MicroSD.

The smartphone's performance is good; fast and responsive the whole system that does not suffer from big slowdowns or blocks in the interface. The web browser is very fluid, although it is still preferable and advisable to use Google Chrome that, although not the default browser, is already pre-installed on the device.

The gaming sector is also good and performing; with maximum details Asphalt 8 maintains a stable framerate.

Below, however, are the results obtained in the benchmarks by testing the hardware of the Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Antutu Benchmark

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Audio


The speaker supplied with the new device of Zopo, unfortunately, left a bit 'of bitter taste; starting from the volume of the audio, we must say that it is really very low and if you have the smartphone resting on the desk with the back cover down, you will hardly notice the arrival of a notification.

Furthermore, quality is only sufficient; the smartphone, in fact, reproduces a sound that is almost always muffled or otherwise filtered badly, with a final yield that does not match a product like this.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Connectivity


The speech related to connectivity is instead a point in favor for the Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus; First of all, the device is equipped with a double SIM slot, both with support for 4G LTE connectivity and both in Micro format.

In addition, the smartphone supports all the most common frequencies, especially the fateful band 800 MHz for the LTE that has always been a taboo in the cinafonini.

The signal quality is good and in any case stable; the switches and network changes between 4G and 3G are slightly slow, especially when entering roaming areas. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is stable and fast in data transfer.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Camera

There are 13 mega-pixels of the camera of the new born in the Zopo house, but in practice the yield has not particularly surprised us; in good lighting conditions the shots are more than acceptable, but when you have to put the flash on, the quality tends to deteriorate significantly.

What is very worrying is the slow focus of this camera; practically every situation puts in difficulty the smartphone, that employs, therefore, more than a few seconds before shooting.

In the gallery you will find all the shots made during these test days; the front camera, on the other hand, is from 5 megapixel and it too was not particularly satisfying. In fact, the photos are very pasty and of low quality.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - FullHD 1080p video recording test

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Battery

What you see shown in the screens above is what the Zopo SPeed 7 Plus can offer in a day of "stressful" use and always under the mobile network (therefore without using Wi-Fi); the device ends its day at about 17 pm, always considering switch networks in zones with poco field.

Considering a softer use and therefore, under a Wi-Fi network, the Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus is able to obtain an improvement of a good 30%, with an active time equal to 4 hours of active screen.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Software

On board the Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus in addition to a modified interface in the launcher and in the system icons we do not find additions by the Chinese manufacturer.

In the settings menu, however, it is possible to activate the now classic gestures with the screen off and activate functions to start applications and / or functions by drawing figures on the display.

In general, the ROM installed on the Speed ​​7 Plus has no bugs or uncertainties of any kind and, therefore, we can promote the device from this point of view.

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Photo Gallery 

Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus - Final considerations

The Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus has all the cards to become a great smartphone, but there are some aspects that have not fully convinced us: the camera and its focus are not excellent, as well as the quality of the speaker it is equipped with .

In short, a good product, but not a best buy, which still needs some updates to be considered a good purchase solution.

The Zopo Speed ​​7 Plus is available for purchase at 229 € on the official Italian dealer's website Zopomobile.it. We remind you that on the store you can take advantage of a discount through the voucher GIZOPOIT5 thanks to which it will be possible to win the Speed ​​7 Plus a 215 €.

Furthermore, the retailer offers 25 months of warranty and Italian assistance (1 month more than the legal guarantee) on all products sold on the store.