JiaYu could be the first Chinese to offer Android M

Android M

JiaYu is a Chinese Android smartphone manufacturer to which all of us fans are very fond of, but unfortunately, the last few months have not been very easy for the company.

The exponential increase in competition and some internal problems have led JiaYu to the brink of the abyss, so much so that there was talk of a possible imminent failure.

However, according to the latest leaked news, the company is about to start a "new era" by merging with two other partners, in particular for the production of a new smartphone priced around 150-160 dollars (135-143 euro at the current exchange rate) and characterized by a balance between hardware and performance, a better user experience and with the focus on constant updates.

It is from this last point that JiaYu would seem to want to start its rebirth, trying to be the first Chinese manufacturer to update its devices to Android M, or the latest release of the green robot from Google.

Precisely for this reason, the next device of the company will be launched with a processor such as to ensure the availability of the source code, necessary for the development of a ROM based, in fact, on Android M and future updates.

Another important step for the company could be the release of the source code, but, at least for now, from this point of view we can not confirm the news.

JiaYu, therefore, would seem ready to rise from its ashes. What do you think about it?