MIUI 7 available for many non-Xiaomi devices [Nexus 5, Note 3, LG G3, G2 ...]

MIUI 7 porting

One of the main reasons for the success of MIUI OS is certainly the availability of porting for other non-Xiaomi devices. In fact, through these ROMs, millions of users have had the opportunity to try out the Xiaomi interface even before purchasing a company smartphone.

As happened with previous releases, the recently launched MIUI 7 has also been ported for a (very long) list of devices from other brands, including the Nexus 5, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the LG G3 and G2 .

MIUI 7 porting

Partial list. The complete list is available on the page linked below.

The complete list is available in this thread of the official international MIUI forum, where it will be possible, once you have identified your device, to download the installation package and proceed with the flash of the MIUI 7.

Although the new interface has been launched a few days ago, there are already many supported devices, a sign of the great work put in place by the MIUI Team and, more generally, of the attention reserved by Xiaomi to this type of initiatives.

In this way, the MIUI universe will spread even more among smartphone users, even among owners of third-party devices.

An important note before installation: the version of MIUI 7 carried on third-party devices is the Chinese one and is not official MIUI. GizChina.it staff will not be held responsible for any problems detected on your smartphone during or after installation. However, it is advisable to first back up your data.

For all the details and updates we refer you to the MIUI international forum page dedicated to porting the new MIUI 7.