Mini Power Bank from 5600mAh with LED Flashlight only 8 euro on

Onite Power Bank 5600mAh flashlight

Given the success of the initiative in recent days, we decided to publish on a regular basis (compatibly with other commitments every day) of the offers found online on products of various kinds.

Today we offer you a very compact 5600mAh Power Bank with flashlight function for sale on for 8.49 only euro.

Onite Power Bank 5600mAh flashlight

The product, made by Onite, measures 10.2 x 4.2 x 2.3 cm per 200 grams weight and, as anticipated, in addition to the native function of Power Bank, incorporates a small LED flashlight, which makes the device even more functional.

Onite Power Bank 5600mAh flashlightThe product arrives in a cardboard box that includes a user manual and a USB-micro USB cable.

Onite Power Bank 5600mAh flashlightThe dimensions, therefore, are very compact, so as to be able to carry the Power Bank easily even in the pocket of their pants.

Onite Power Bank 5600mAh flashlight

The Power Bank is equipped with 4 small LED lights for signaling the remaining charge.

The offer is very limited in stock and in time, so we advise you to hurry up if interested. At the end of the offer, the price of Onite Power Bank will go to 10.99, however, quite interesting considering the LED flashlight functions and the size of the device.

Here the product page of the Onite Power Bank from 5600mAh.

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