How to track your invitation to purchase the 2 OnePlus [Help]

OnePlus 2 one2invite

As already happened for the OnePlus One, also for the new OnePlus 2 | See here the complete data sheet of the 2 OnePlus | the company has structured a system of invitations to "regulate" the purchase of the device.

Are you on the list to receive an invitation to purchase the 2 OnePlus and would you like to stay up to date on your position? From today you can do it with a simple app for your Android smartphone!

OnePlus 2 one2inviteIn fact, to avoid continually consulting the list of invitations to the OP2 from today you can download theOfficial app of OnePlus, thanks to which, after the insertion of yours user ID (you can find it in the referral link:*****=XXXXXX, XXXXXX correspond to yours user ID), you will receive a notification with the update of your ranking position. Comfortable, no?

OnePlus 2 one2inviteFurthermore, the application One2invite will give you the opportunity to know the number of referral linked to your User ID, as well as sharing an invitation with just one click.

The app is available for download at this link, but remember that for installation on your Android smartphone you will need to enable the "unknown sources" from the settings menu.

Regardless of the value judgments concerning the choice of OnePlus to re-propose the system of invitations, that of the App for Android is certainly an excellent idea to "sweeten" the waiting of users for their invitation.

What do you think?

You will find more information about the application directly on the Official OnePlus Forum.