Honor 7 cannibalizes Huawei P8? interview with Marco Eberlein of Honor

Honor 7 presentation

L'Honor 7 it was finally officially launched in Europe and the sale price until next August 31 will be only 299 € with discount code H7BRAVE50EU.

The device is available on VMall.eu, the new official online store Huawei / Honor launched simultaneously with the European officialization of the Honor Range Top.

Honor 7

GizChina.it was present at the London event and for the occasion we had the opportunity to interview Marco Eberlein, Head of Online Sales Europe of Honor and, therefore, the manager of VMall.eu.

Below you will find Marco Eberlein's answers to our questions:

Giz: How come Honor has decided to use its own online store VMall.eu as the only sales channel for its Top of the Honor 7 range, leaving aside other commercial channels?

Marco: The idea of ​​using VMall exclusively as the only means of selling Honor 7 is linked to the desire to make the new store as a point of exchange between Honor and Huawei users. The idea is to also create competitions among fans, through which it will be possible to win coupons and / or exclusive benefits for lovers of the brand.

The basic idea is to consider users as fans and not as buyers, in order to establish a more interactive relationship between them and the producer.

In the future, Honor devices could also be made available on other stores, but not with the same advantages and "interests" that users will find on VMall.

Giz: Considering the close relationship between Huawei and Honor, do not you think that Honor 7, especially in light of the launch price, represents an internal cannibalization?

Marco: Honor and Huawei address two different audiences, the first to a younger audience, more geek perhaps, which has as a point of reference for purchases the online market and, also for this reason, it is from some points of view "courageous" to experiment a new product. Huawei, on the other hand, is aimed at a different, more traditionalist public, which seeks contact with the phone before concluding the purchase.

Giz: Why the idea of ​​differentiating the offer with a sub-brand if the technical specifications of Honor 7 are on a par with those of the Top of the Range Huawei (the P8, ed)?

Huawei and Honor should not be considered each other's sub-brand, but as two distinct brands, which complement each other. Honor has the on-line market as its reference market, Huawei the more “traditional” one. Together they manage to structure a complete company. Direct competition does not interest us.