Hisense D2-M, story of a crazy price

Hisense D2-M

We have to admit that the Chinese market is very generous with all its consumers: it is rich in products with an excellent quality / price ratio and even importers have proven to be in strong competition with each other. Today these conditions have made it possible to launch economic terminals with excellent features (think of the brand new Xiaomi Note 2 Redmire, for example), but sometimes the commercial history of a device can be like that of Hisense D2-M: strange, unexpected and a bit 'crazy.

The smartphone we are talking about is based on a hardware that, at the time of the market launch in May, was certainly interesting and in step with the times. The SoC, for example, is a MT6735 quadcore that, flanked to the display HD from 5 inches and ai 2 GB of RAM, is more than suitable for the economic segment to which the device belongs. The photographic sector then uses a rear sensor from 13 Megapixel and one front from 5 Megapixel, values ​​that have also been used on higher-end devices. Android, finally, is hosted in the ROM from 16 GB and has been updated to the version over time 5.1 Lollipop.

Hisense D2-M

This Hisense D2-M, as you can see, was (and still would be) an excellent purchase at the launch price of 699 Yuan, a figure that at the current rate would be just below the psychological threshold of the 100 Euros. The Chinese giant, however, decided later to impose an official list of 1299 Yuan, a figure that is almost double the initial one and that is really crazy and out of business. Chinese merchants have tried to make up for it with offers and discounts, so much so that a common consumer can easily find the device a 1099 Yuan (About 155 Euros), but this price is perhaps still excessive.

The history of Hisense D2-M is therefore that of a device condemned by the commercial policies of its producer, and is less rare than one might think. The advice (or the moral, if you prefer) is, to conclude, to buy only after a careful analysis of what the market offers and, if it is decided, not to wait probable but uncertain discounts children of time: the market always surprises, and only sometimes positive!