Free 10 euro voucher on Amazon. Here's how!

Recently we have often talked about offers, discounts and various kinds of activities related to the possibility of saving you a few euros and considering the success of these initiatives today we propose another interesting offer.

Still for a few days (exactly until the 31 August), in fact, up it will be possible to obtain a free 10 euro voucher buying a voucher from 50 euro.

Amazon Gift Certificate

An example of use is the following: are you planning to buy a product from the cost of 60 euro? Well, buy a voucher from 50 euro following this link (Select "Click here to apply the promotion" before proceeding with the purchase) and once you have obtained the 10 euro gift voucher, accumulate them and proceed with the purchase of the item.

An important note concerns the expiration of the vouchers, set at 10 years for those purchased and the 15 October 2015 for those received as a bonus by joining the promotion.

Furthermore, it is possible to buy only 1 voucher for each Amazon account and the vouchers are not transferable after purchase, but it is possible to do so only during the purchase phase; you could, for example, give it to a friend, a family member, etc., following the procedure before payment (as per the image posted above, the gift voucher will also be customizable with your own image).

Below are some products on offer that we have reported with previous articles:

Before buying the voucher, we advise you to consult the page showing the conditions of the promotion.