LeTV X900 Max, the review of GizChina.it

LeTV X900 Max

Although not very large, among fans of Chinese smartphone Android there is a slice of users that particularly appreciate the "Super Big Size" devices.

Among these devices is definitely the LeTV X900 Max, the huge Top Range of the house that is the subject of our review today.

LeTV X900 MaxThe device is available on Topresellerstore.it with shipping from Italy and 24 months warranty and Italian assistance. On the store you can take advantage of a discount on all products in the catalog using the voucher GIZCHINA.

LeTV X900 Max, the full review of GizChina.it

LeTV X900 Max - Packaging and accessories

LeTV X900 Max

The sales package of the device is very elegant and inside we find a rigid transparent back cover, a card with a particular opening mode and containing the user manuals and the SIM trolley extraction pin, a micro USB to USB adapter Type-C, a 1A non-European size socket (Topresellerstore will send everyone an adapter) and a USB Type-C cable.

LeTV X900 Max

LeTV X900 Max - Design and materials

The LeTV X900 is a device of design and construction premium. The rear body is made with a single metal block, very resistant and elegant, albeit a little slippery in the handle, which is not facilitated by the generous dimensions of the phablet.

LeTV X900 Max

We speak, in fact, of a device that measures 167.1 x 83,5 x 8.95 mm thick for a weight, non-removable battery from 3400 mAh included, of approximately 204 grams. Weight and general dimensions, therefore, which do not make the X900 a simple device to use, even if those who are preparing to buy such a device are aware of what they are facing.

Below is the layout of the keys and inputs:

On the right profile we find the on / off button, the tray for the SIMs (1 micro and 1 nano, both with support for 4G LTE connectivity) and the connection interface WiHD, for viewing contents on Wireless HD screens and with less data loss during transmission.

LeTV X900 Max LeTV X900 Max

On the left profile we find a small button / switch - iPhone-inspired - to silence the device and the volume rocker.

LeTV X900 Max

below we find the single system speaker, the USB Type-C port and the main microphone, also hidden by a grille that simulates the presence of a second speaker.

LeTV X900 Max

At the top, however, we find the 3.5 mm jack for headphones and an infrared emitter for using the device as a remote control, successfully tested using the LeUI Native App on a Samsung TV.

LeTV X900 Max

Frontally we find, from left to right, a small notification LED, the brightness and proximity sensors, the ear capsule and the camera from 4 mega-pixels. On the chin there are three softouch keys - options / control center, home and back - backlit in the same color as the body (in white) and, therefore, not very visible.

At the back we find the second microphone, the rear camera from 20 mega-pixels with Sony IMX230 sensor and equipped with Dual Dual Tone LED Flashfingerprint reader and the LeTV logo.

LeTV X900 Max - Display

As briefly anticipated, the LeTV is a device that is characterized by the provision of a large IPS display from 6.3 inches with resolution QHD 2560 x 1440 pixels and density equal to PPI 464.

LeTV X900 Max

The display of the LeTV was found to be a panel of excellent quality, with a good overall brightness (fair visibility if exposed to direct sunlight) and a fairly responsive sensor. The color range is well reproduced, with one exception referring to white (slightly subdued, tending to gray) and black, the latter characterized by the classic (light) change from IPS in the angled vision.

The frames are very small, but some may not like the contrast between the black color of the same and the white of the remaining part of the body.

LeTV X900 Max

In the "Display" item of the settings menu there is also a color temperature management function, even if the good calibration by default does not make the use of this function indispensable.

The Gorilla Glass protecting the display has a good oleophobic coating, while the touchscreen is extremely responsive and fluid.

Unfortunately, LeTV did not integrate screen wake-up functionality into the OS via gesture, even if it is necessary to underline that, as already seen in previous reviews, they would have been thwarted by the activation of the unlock by reading the fingerprint.

LeTV X900 Max- Fingerprint Reader

The fingerprint reader installed on the rear body of the LeTV X900 showed excellent performance. The fingerprint reading is lightning-fast (just a light touch) and consequently the release is immediate.

LeTV X900 MaxUnlocking, of course, can also take place by entering a numeric code (PIN) and it is interesting to note the attention of LetTV you have details, as, by swiping diagonally, to the right or left, on the display it is possible sideways the keypad for insertion, thus facilitating typing with one hand.

As for the convenience of using the fingerprint reader, I personally prefer the sensors positioned on the front, especially in devices with important dimensions like this X900.

LeTV X900 Max - Hardware and performance

The data sheet of the LeTV X900 Max is worthy of a Top of the 2015 range. In fact, on the device we find a processor octa-core Snapdragon 810, a GPU Adreno 430, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM e 32GB of internal memory, unfortunately not expandable given the absence of a micro SD slot.

The Snapdragon 810 is a processor that has been / is subject to much criticism due to its tendency to reach very high operating temperatures, but, thanks to the excellent optimization work performed by LeTV on the X900 Max, the device object of the review does not seem to suffer from these problems.

Read technical sheet of the LeTV X900 Max and compare it with that of other devices.

LeTV X900 Max - Antutu Benchmark

LeTV X900 Max - Gaming test with Real Racing 3

L'Adreno 430 It is an excellent graphics card, which guarantees the same excellent gaming performance at the LeTV X900. In fact, on Real Racing 3 there is the reproduction of the elements to the maximum, excellent fluidity and excellent general playability. From this point of view, the large display offers a plus that should not be underestimated.

Here are all the other benchmarks run with the X900:

LeTV X900 Max- Cameras

The device is characterized by a rear camera from 20.7 mega-pixels with sensor Sony IMX230, opening f / 2.0, 6 lensesOIS (Optical Stabilization of the Image) and a double Flash LED Dual Tone.

LeTV X900 Max

The front camera, on the other hand, is characterized by a sensor OV4688 da 4 mega-pixels, with a, 5 lenses and 81 ° wide angle, thanks to which you will be able to get excellent selfies.

With the rear camera shots are good in almost all lighting conditions, with particular reference to macro and close-ups, very detailed and defined.

Also good shots made with artificial lighting.

The sensor, on the other hand, struggles in critical lighting conditions, as it cannot capture enough light to make the shots of sufficient level.

Photo taken with LeTV X900 Max

The shots with HDR mode active, although characterized by a better management of contrast light / dark, are less sharp and defined compared to the same photo taken with the automatic mode.

The double LED flash uniformly illuminates the portrait object and is well synchronized with the shot.

Photo taken with LeTV X900 Max

Here are all the photos taken with the LeTV X900 Max camera (Google+):

The videos are shot at the maximum resolution of 4K @ 30fps, with a good level of stabilization and auto-focus and a realistic reproduction of the colors of the scene.

LeTV X900 Max - 4K video recording test

LeTV X900 Max - Audio

LeTV S1 Max X900

Differently from what the double grille placed on the lower edge of the LeTV X900 would suggest, the device is equipped with a single speaker. The latter returns an audio with high and clean volume, as long as you do not "shoot" the volume at maximum.

LeTV X900 Max - Connectivity

The X900 is characterized, as already mentioned, by a double SIM slot (one in format Nano and the other Microphone) with 4G LTE connectivity on both, hot switchable through the appropriate menu in the system settings.

The reception is of a good standard, as is the speed of the 4G. However, I noticed a certain slowness in switching between 4G / H + / 3G.

Good WiFi, in dual band version 802.11 a / b / c / n / ac and there is no lack ofWiF hotspoti, the WiFi Direct and WiFi Display.

On the device we also find the GPS with Glonass, which has not highlighted problems with the coupling of the signal or stability in navigation.

LeTV X900 Max - Battery

The X900 is equipped with a 3400 mAh not removable which guarantees good autonomy. Speaking of a dual SIM device, as always it is necessary to distinguish between use with one and two cards at the same time. In the first case the autonomy is expected on about 4 hours of screen, while in dual SIM mode about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

On the trial days it was possible to observe some bugs that generate a high absorption of resources. In particular, by configuring e-mail accounts with the LeUI's stock App, from the summary chart in the battery menu it is possible to observe an anomalous charge consumption by the same.

Obviously, an update could solve the bug.

LeTV X900 Max - Software

On the device we find the aforementioned LeUI installed, the proprietary interface of LeTV based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. The software is certainly a bit immature and to be reviewed in some aspects, but considering the "young age" of the brand within the sector it is possible to evaluate the OS as already well optimized.

The ROM is in English and the Italian language update has not yet been released. In general, the LeUI is a very interactive OS, which, consistently with the "origins" of the manufacturer, offers integrated of the interesting online streaming video services, unfortunately only in Chinese.

In the video review you can see a general overview of the main features of the LeUI.

LeTV X900 Max - Photo gallery

LeTV X900 Max - Final considerations

The LeTV X900 Max is certainly a “demanding” device; it is in size, but this is an aspect that those who approach such a device will certainly take for granted and established, which in the sale price, definitely too high, despite the technical specifications from Top of the Range and excellent performance.

In fact, I consider the price too high not so much because the device, its hardware and performance are not up to par, but more in the evaluation of the alternatives on the market today, one above all the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, officially sold by Europe. from Huawei on Amazon.it a 369 euro in single SIM version e 486 euro in dual SIM version (Gold).

However, in conclusion it is right to applaud LeTV, a new entry in the industry that has succeeded in the enterprise in which other well-known and "navigated" brands have failed, or "tame the boiling spirits" of the Snapdragon 810.

At its debut LeTV suggests that it can do very well in mobile telephony and it did so by creating devices that are aesthetically very attractive, qualitatively excellent and with a ROM that, if internationalized, as has already happened to other manufacturers (see Xiaomi with MIUI) could really represent the success of this company.

The LeTV X900 Max is available on Topresellerstore.it with shipping from Italy and 24 months warranty and Italian assistance. On the store you can take advantage of a discount on all products in the catalog using the voucher GIZCHINA.

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